Cashback checks: what are the risks?

Cashback checks: what are the risks?
Cashback checks: what are the risks?

Checks on the cashback, what risks who is reported for misconduct?

The so-called cashback cunning, those who divide the payments into many micro operations to climb the super cashback ranking, do not face real sanctions, as for the exclusion from tax refunds and the premium of 1,500 euros.

Let’s see what the consequences are for those who have made too many “anomalous” transitions, devising tricks to increase the number of payments.

Cashback checks: what are the risks?

In recent days, some users registered in the Cashback Program have received, on the IO app, a message warning that the reported transactions appear “suspicious”.

These reported payments will not count towards the 10% refund and the super cashback ranking (which is giving away 1,500 euros for the first 100,000 citizens who carry out the largest number of transactions with traceable payments).

As anticipated there are no real sanctions for those who have received this message, but that does not mean that there are no consequences.

There are two risks to which the crafty go to meet:

  • the exclusion from the ranking of the super cashback;
  • the cancellation of suspicious transactions, with the consequent reduction of the amount of the reimbursement due.

Cashback checks, what are the payments excluded from the refund?

In the viewfinder of the controls there are therefore suspicious transactions, but what does it mean? According to the message of the IO app this identifies unacknowledged payments as “Purchases of goods and services” from the Program as:

  • recurring and low-value;
  • made at the same merchant;
  • carried out on the same day.

The mini-transactions with these characteristics they will come then stornate, unless you know how to prove (by filling in the appropriate modulo found in the link of the message itself) the actual purchase.

But be careful, because to prove that it is a mistake you only have 7 days of time from receiving the message on the IO app.

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