Didn’t you collaborate in the Istat survey? Without amnesty, the fine is triggered: that’s why

Didn’t you collaborate in the Istat survey? Without amnesty, the fine is triggered: that’s why
Didn’t you collaborate in the Istat survey? Without amnesty, the fine is triggered: that’s why

An obligation to respond to statistical surveys in place for more than thirty years. A package of sanctions that, if an amnesty does not emerge, could weigh on the shoulders of over 2 thousand companies and 300 institutions, already struggling with the difficulties associated with the coronavirus emergency. The “detail” is between the lines of the intervention that Francesco Maria Chelli, director of the statistical production department of Istat, made before the Budget Committee of the Chamber, which is examining the Sostegni bis decree at first reading.

Without amnesty sanctions for 2,300 companies and 330 institutions

“We take this opportunity to report to this Commission – said the representative of the statistical body during the hearing – as already represented in other institutional bodies that Istat, in the absence of regulatory measures that allow an amnesty, is preparing to apply sanctions against approximately 2,300 companies and 330 institutions for breach of the obligation to reply to statistical surveys. The amount of each sanction amounts to € 1,032 ”. Not only that: “The sanctions derive from non-responses to investigations in 2019 and 2020 and have so far been suspended due to the emergency measures adopted in 2020”.


The hope of Istat

It is therefore precisely Istat to ask that something be done. “It is hoped – observed Chelli – that this request will be taken into consideration when converting the decree under discussion by providing, in analogy to other situations, the suspension of the application of these sanctions and / or the cancellation of the same, especially if they refer to years previous “. Not only that: Chelli added that “there would be no additional charges for the state budget, as the lower revenues would be covered by the application of the free administration surplus of the National Institute of Statistics”.

Obligation to reply provided for by a rule of over 30 years ago

The obligation to reply is foreseen by a 32-year-old rule. It is a legislative decree (322/1989). All administrations, bodies and public bodies are obliged to provide the data and information requested of them for the surveys provided for by the National Statistical Program. Private individuals (businesses and families) are also obliged, even if only for those surveys indicated in a list attached to the National Statistical Program. Personal data does not fall within the obligation to provide statistical data.

Administrative sanctions for those who do not collaborate

Anyone who does not provide the data, or deliberately provides incorrect or incomplete data, must pay a pecuniary administrative sanction “a) in the minimum amount – according to article 11 of the legislative decree – of four hundred thousand lire (about 206 euros ed. four million (about 2 thousand euros, ed.) for violations by individuals; b) to a minimum of one million lire (about 516 euros, ed.) and a maximum of ten million lire (about 5,100 euros, ed.) for violations by entities and companies “.


Didnt collaborate Istat survey amnesty fine triggered

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