“June is the month of truth”

“June is the month of truth”
“June is the month of truth”

The over 52,000 under 40s who have signed up for the fight against CoViD-19 are the protagonists of the Fvg vaccination campaign which identifies the real turning point in defeating the virus in the adhesion of young people. The deployment is in fact significant, with the area of ​​competence of the Giuliano Isontina Health Authority which in fact drove the operation in these first two days with almost 20,000 residents in Venezia Giulia. An important step change that the regional council, in the words of the deputy governor with responsibility for Health Riccardo Riccardi, wanted to decisively underline. “Children are often much more mature than you think. The vaccine is, together with the maintenance of precautionary behaviors, the tool that will allow us to overcome the pandemic”.

“The month of truth”

June is the month “of truth” with respect to the vaccination campaign. With the data relating to the spread of infections decreasing throughout the peninsula and the administrations proceeding at full speed, the next few weeks could offer the first real summer of normality – also from an economic point of view, with a resumption of activities and tourism. – without the specter of new and worrying waves that, at that point, would definitely bring many professional categories to their knees. After the boom yesterday 3 June, today there are 4,375 people belonging to the age group 16-39 who have booked for the anti-Covid vaccination in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

“Fundamental contribution of young people”

A figure, as reported by Riccardi, which bodes well for the continuation of the vaccination campaign and looks to the restart with optimism. “Today the social context is different from that of the second postwar period, but the need to restart and rebuild is the same as then, even if that awaits us is an immaterial reconstruction, through which we must heal the wounds left by the pandemic both at the social level -economic, both in our behaviors and habits “. According to the regional administration, the adhesion of the under 40 group is the key to knocking out CoViD-19. “The contribution of young people is fundamental, because due to the pandemic they have had to adapt quickly to new ways of studying and living and who today, by adhering decisively to the vaccination campaign, make us look to the future with optimism because they show that they have trust in science and attention to others and the community in which they live “.


June month truth

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