3 Holiday bonuses confirmed and to be requested with and without Isee

3 Holiday bonuses confirmed and to be requested with and without Isee
3 Holiday bonuses confirmed and to be requested with and without Isee

The loosening of restrictive measures and the vaccination plan that seems to have finally found the right way to go, let us glimpse that daily normality that we have almost forgotten by now.

Thanks to the coming summer season, the thought of holidays it becomes more and more pressing. The state then proposes to us three savings opportunities on reservations of holidays for our families.

The first is the famous 2021 holiday bonus, introduced by government count and a few days ago slightly retouched by the Draghi executive.

Is it possible to apply for the 2021 Holiday Bonus?

The Holiday bonus was introduced from Relaunch Decree of May 2020, together with the numerous government measures implemented in the early stages of the health emergency.

It consists of a contribution amount up to 500 Euro for families with Isee valid for less than 40 thousand EUR. It can be used for the payment of stays in hotels, farmhouses, campsites, tourist villages and bed & breakfast in Italy.

The amounts are modulated on the basis of number of components of the family unit. The single person will be awarded a Holiday bonus of 150 Euro, to the nucleus of two people 300 Euros, while the family of three or more people will access the maximum amount of 500 Euro.

The Holiday Bonus must be spent at a single structure accommodation, or at a single travel agency or tour operator.

IS usable to the extent of 80% in the form of an immediate discount applied by the hotel manager. The rest 20% Bonus can be downloaded as tax deduction, in the tax return, by the member of the nucleus to whom the document of expenditure for the stay is made out.

The term bonus claim last is expired on 31 December 2020.

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The news on the Sostegni bis holiday bonus

The Holiday bonus it has never enjoyed great success among potential tourists. Of the 5.1 million questions that the DL Relaunch had set out to satisfy by allocating economic resources, so far just over a million and a half have been accepted. Most likely last summer, for many reasons, Italian families preferred to reduce their travel.

Today, however, perhaps more incisive interventions were expected from the Support bis and from Milleproroghe Decree, aimed at giving more breath to tourism. Instead, in the matter of Holiday bonus they were only introduced two small innovations.

The first concerns the possibility of use the holiday bonus, exclusively for those who have already requested it, until 31 December 2021. The possibility of request the Bonus is therefore excluded, as no extension of the deadline for sending the request (set at the end of 2020) has been envisaged.

The second novelty concerns theextension of the possibility of use of the bonus for the payment not only of the services offered at the accommodation facilities, but also of the services offered nationally by travel agencies e tour operator.

Hypotheses of one have been put forward by various quarters possible new opening to the questions for the holiday bonus, which also includes those who have not requested it by 31 December 2020. Furthermore, we have also heard about the possibility of unpack the Holiday Bonus, making it usable for the payment of services offered by multiple managers, in different trips and structures, rather than in a single solution as still expected. Plus to make it too transferable many times.

For now, on the part of the Government, everything is silent. As the site points out Informazionefiscale.it, Parliament has 60 days available for convert the Sostegni bis Decree into law of 25 May 2021. This would be an opportunity to make some improvements to the Holiday Bonus and extend access to it also to taxpayers who did not request it in 2020. However, any improvement action could lose much of its effectiveness. The 60-day deadline will in fact fall when most Italians will have already booked their holidays summer.

What is the INPS 2021 Summer Center Bonus

The second opportunity to save on holiday expenses is offered by Announcement of competition for daytime summer centers 2021, published byINPS on May 25, 2021.

It is a competition notice aimed at offering minors of age between 3 and 14 years completed on 30 June 2021, the possibility of using the summer camp services in Italy in the months of June, July, August and until 11 September.

INPS recognizes 3,000 contributions for a maximum weekly amount equal to 100 Euro, for a maximum of four weeks, even if not consecutive, for the payment of the services offered by summer centres compliant with the security protocols required by current legislation on Covid-19. There is an increase of 50% for minors with disability.

The contribution is modulated on the value of the ISEE certification valid. For an Isee up to 8.000 Euro the amount assigned is equal to 100% of the amount spent, within the limits of the maximum payable value (100 Euros per week). From 8.000 a 24 thousand Euro the contribution is equal to 95%, from 24 thousand e 32 thousand Euro is equal to 90%, from 32 thousand e 56 thousand Euro is equal to85%, while for Isee higher than 56 thousand Euros, the amount paid is equal to80% of the amount spent in the summer day center.

In absence of Isee certification, or DSU not valid at the time of submitting the application to participate in the competition, the holder of the request will be assigned the maximum Isee threshold.

The INPS summer centers bonus is recognized to minors between the ages of 3 and 14, whose parents I’m:

  • Employees e retirees of the public administration enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social services,
  • Retired users of the Public Employee Management, including holders of an indirect or survivor’s pension.

How to apply for the INPS 2021 Summer Center Bonus

Access to the Bonus is bound to enroll the minor in the program ‘Access to welfare services‘which allows a simplified procedure to all applications submitted for access to welfare benefits.

The questions to access the 2021 summer center bonus can be sent to INPS until 12 noon on 18 June (the effective date started on May 26th).

The submission of the application to the social security institution must be submitted exclusively in the modality telematics on the INPS website, by the holder of the benefit (or the parent who requests it), through their login credentials.

From the main page, after searching for words ‘Summer centres‘, you will have access to the presentation form of the service. From here you will have to follow the path of Access to the service, Questions Welfare in un click, Performance choice e Summer camps 2021, to finally access the procedure for entering personal data.

By July 16, 2021, INPS will publish on its website la ranking of the beneficiaries admitted to the contribution.

The ranking it is drawn up on the basis of value Isee increasing, with absolute priority to orphans or equivalent to orphans, and then to candidates with disabilities, within the limits of 500 reserved places.

INPS will provide for the payment of the expenses actually incurred by 31 December 2021.

How to apply for the INPS baby sitter bonus for summer camps

If he Holiday bonus is intended for families with Isee less than 40 thousand euros, and the Summer camps bonus it is the prerogative of the children of employees and pensioners of the Public administration, the Bonus baby sitter is one of the emergency measures designed to deal with the spread of Covid-19, through support interventions for workers with minor children in distance learning or in quarantine.

Introduced by Cura Italia decree of March 2020, was subsequently refinanced by subsequent Ristori decrees. From what we can read from INPS message n. 1296 of 26 March 2021, the Bonus for child surveillance and assistance services, is recognized in the following categories of workers:

  • Enrolled in the Separate management,
  • Workers autonomous registered with INPS,
  • Personnel of the sector of safety, defense and public aid used for the needs related to the epidemiological emergency,
  • Workers employees of the accredited public and private sector belonging to the categories of medici, nurses, biomedical laboratory and medical radiology technicians, social and health workers.

The Bonus baby sitter is recognized byINPS as a performance of occasional paid work through the Family booklet. Its amount it cannot exceed 100 Euros per week, and is intended to cover the costs incurred for enrollment in summer centres, integrative services for infancy, territorial socio-educational services, centers with an educational and recreational function and integrative and innovative services for early childhood.

The Bonus can be requested for baby sitting services in favor of children under 14, and carried out from 1 January 2021 to 30 June 2021, except for subsequent extensions.

The question it can be sent, exclusively online, from the INPS website, by accessing your credentials, or free of charge, using the advice of patronates or CAF.

The INPS provides a pay the amounts through the Family Booklet, for this reason the user parent, before forwarding the request of the Bonus baby sitter, must register on the platform of occasional performance present on the INPS website.

All performance fees go inserted in the portal by day 3 of the month, to obtain payment by the 15th of the current month.

In any case, the benefits must be communicated by the beneficiary parent by 30 September 2021.

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