Pininfarina: electric bikes and scooters are also on the way

Pininfarina: electric bikes and scooters are also on the way
Pininfarina: electric bikes and scooters are also on the way

Pininfarina intends to expand its activities by entering a very dynamic sector such as that of electric micro-mobility. In fact, the company has announced a collaboration with MT Distribution, a well-known Italian company that designs and produces solutions dedicated to electric micro-mobility.

Thanks to this partnership, a range of electric two-wheeled vehicles for urban mobility will arrive. Specifically, an electric scooter and a city bike and a folding bike will be created, both with pedal assistance. Products, therefore, designed for city use and to satisfy the different needs of people. For the moment there is no information yet on the technical specifications of these battery powered vehicles.

Obviously, Pininfarina will make its skills available for design design. The company stressed that they will be presented to the public during the year. Therefore, it will not be long to discover all their features, including prices. Also, interestingly, these products will be born for be customizable by third parties.

This means that companies operating within the electric micro-mobility sector will be able to purchase these vehicles to customize them before offering them to their customers. The final objective is to push on the diffusion of these mobility solutions that allow you to move more easily in urban centers with zero emissions.

After all, speaking of bicycles only, the year 2020 was very positive in terms of sales. In particular, Italians have purchased 280,000 eBikes with an annual growth of as much as 44%.


Pininfarina electric bikes scooters

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