Here is the electric motor for the future “small” of the Hyundai Group

Here is the electric motor for the future “small” of the Hyundai Group
Here is the electric motor for the future “small” of the Hyundai Group

The Hyundai Group chose the American company BorgWarner for the supply of the powertrains that will equip the future “small” electric cars whose production should start in mid 2023. The unit is particularly interesting as it is very compact.

According to the company, theiDM146, this is the name, has a 400 V architecture and offers a peak power of 135 kW. Furthermore, it has been designed to be very compact and lightweight. BorgWarner, in fact, points out that the transmission, the motor with an external stator diameter of 146 mm and the 400 V silicon inverter have been integrated within a single module. Furthermore, this powertrain is born to be scalable and therefore to be able to easily adapt to the customer’s needs and therefore to the characteristics of the vehicle on which it will be installed. In addition, the company highlights that the transmission technology ensures smooth and quiet operation.

The engine is also equipped with the technology High Voltage Hairpin which allows high performance. This powertrain is the first BorgWarner to be built with the expertise of Delphi Technologies, a company that was taken over in October 2020. The expansion plans of this American company are, however, very ambitious given that in February there were rumors about the desire to also acquire the German battery manufacturer Akasol.

BorgWarne’s ultimate goal would be to become one of the leading companies for electric drive systems. The really interesting thing is that thanks to the presentation of this new powertrain we already have the timing on the release of the future “small” electric cars of the Hyundai Group that we will see on the market between 2023 and 2024. Models of which we do not yet know anything and which will go to position itself below the IONIQ 5 and the Kia EV6.


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