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Good news for all those who have decided to participate in the cashback program. So let’s go into the details and see what there is to know about it.

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Tax evasion has always been one of the main problems of our country. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to implement ad hoc interventions, aimed at combating this phenomenon. The program fits in precisely in this context cashback, introduced by the previous executive, in order to discourage the use of cash. To this end, in fact, a 10% refund, up to a maximum of 150 euros, for transactions carried out through the use of electronic payment instruments, such as credit or debit cards, during the semester of reference. But not only that, to arouse particular interest is the super cashback.

The latter, we recall, is presented as a prize with a value of 1500 euro, intended for the first 100,000 users who will have recorded the highest number of transactions. Precisely this type of incentive has often ended up at the center of criticism because of the so-called cunning ones willing to use tricks of various types in order to be able to climb the rankings. Waiting to find out whether or not measures will be implemented in this sense, the first date to be taken into consideration is June 30th, the day on which the first semester ends. But when will the first refunds start? Let’s go into the details and see what there is to know about it.

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Cashback, good news on the way: everything you need to know

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Little is missing June 30th, date on which the first semester valid for accessing the Cashback and Super Cashback will end. THE first repayments should start on July 1st, with Consap, the company that manages the reimbursements, which has 60 days, from the end of the reference period, to complete the operations. The reimbursements relating to the first semester, therefore, will be made over a period of time that goes from 1 July 2021 to 29 August 2021.

Payments will be made by bank transfer directly to the Iban that the interested party indicated at the time of joining the Cashback plan. In addition to the reimbursement, the long-awaited will also be awarded in July Supercashback, that is the 1,500 euro bonus aimed at the first 100 thousand users who will have registered the highest number of transactions at the end of the semester.

In fact, we remind you, the program is structured as follows:

  • 1st Semester from 1st January 2021 to 30th June 2021;
  • 2nd Semester from 1st July 2021 to 31st December 2021;
  • 3rd Semester from 1 January 2022 to 30 June 2022.

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The first refunds, therefore, will start on Thursday 1 July 2021 and will relate to purchases made during the first half year of reference.

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