Old lire: watch out for rare coins that are worth a treasure!

You are in possession of many coins in old lire? You have in the house saved from the forgotten, wallets containing coins in old lire? Take a look at this article. In those purses can be hidden a treasure. In presence of interested collectors you can earn them too digits important. There are coins that are also worth thousands of euros. With the help of the reference site of the sector www.moneterare.net we see how much the several specimens of Italian lira.

There are also coins that can be worth thousands of euros. Luck would be to own one of these little treasures to which always the collectors of all the world. With current online auctions it is not difficult to get good deals too. Let’s try to analyze in this virtual journey which can be the most sought after coins.

Old lire, the state of rare coins is important

Of course, collectors are looking for coins which must be stored with the utmost care. Brilliant uncirculated currency is defined as a coin that has had zero or almost zero circulation and is in the best possible condition. If you have coins in excellent condition, you may have a small one on your hands treasure. Let’s see which are the coins that are mainly sought after today to a greater extent by collectors.

1 Orange Lira 1947

Starting from the lowest value, the value of the 1947 Lira should be noted. The one lira coin with the woman adorned with ears on one side and the orange branch with fruit on the other side of the coin for whoever owns it can really be worth a nice nest egg. In fact, there is talk of a specimen in the best state of conservation, or in Fior di Conio of a value of about 1,500 euros.

2 Read Spiga 1947

Another interesting coin is the da 2 read, also minted in 1947. This 2 lire coin in the Fior di Conio situation can have an important value and in front of an interested collector it can even reach the figure of 1.800 euro. Not bad for a 2 lire coin from 1947.

5 Read Uva 1946

Always with the precious help of the site www.moneterare.net the journey continues with 5 Lire 1946 version. This was the first 5 lire minted by the Italian Republic. On the obverse there is a profile of a woman with a torch, on the reverse there is a bunch of grapes.

These grape lire also have a very high value naturally based on their state of conservation. If it is in excellent condition, the coin in front of the right buyer can be worth around 1.200 euro. The same can be said for those of 1947.

Those of subsequent years they have a lower value but are still valued around 50 euro for each specimen.

The other vintages, on the other hand, have a more than respectable value, listed about 50 euros to exemplary.

5 Lire Dolphin

They also have value 5 lire coins. Although not all the same. The coins minted from 1951 to 1955 have a value of about 8 euros having been minted in large quantities. The 5 lire of 1954 have a value that is around 15 euros for those in Fior di Conio.

In 1956, however, they were only minted 400 thousand 5 lire coins: the value of these coins is very tall, over 2.000 euro for those in Fior di Conio.

The minting of 5 Italian lira it was interrupted in 1957 for 8 years. Production resumed from 1966 and the specimens from these two years can be worth around 5 euros.

The value of the 10 lire

Let’s now analyze the value of 10 read. Also based on the evaluations of the moneterare.net site, the 10 lire of 1954 have a value of around 70-90 euros.

The 10 lire of 1955 (Spiga) instead are those Most common and therefore with the lowest value. The title of these coins of value is around 20 euros per copy in Brilliant Uncirculated, therefore only if of excellent quality and without wear scratches.

The 10 lire of 1947 (Olivo), on the other hand, are highly sought after by collectors, because they are very rare. Here it is necessary to be very careful because the value of these 10 rare read it can go even further 4.000 euro.

20 Lira Rare 1956

The first minting of this coin it is from 1956. And the same design has always been maintained for the following ones. Only the material and the edge of the coin were different and of two types, smooth and lined.

The 20 lire of 1956 marked with the word “test”, today can be worth more than 300 euro.

The 20 lire of 1968, on the other hand, considered rare lire, are valued at around 80 euros if in excellent condition.

The 1968 “proof” coin is worth the beauty of 800 euro.

50 Lire of 1956

This 50 lire coin features on the reverse “Vulcano“naked beating the metal to the anvil, while on the obverse of the coin there is the crowned head of oak and the inscription Italian Republic in good condition can be evaluated among the 20 and 50 euros.

For specimens in the state Brilliant Uncirculated these lire can be worth around 110 euro.

50 Lire of 1958

This is a very particular story: as the website www.moneterare.net informs, the minting of 50 Italian lire coins has seen a succession of 5 different types of commercialized coins and no commemorative coins. Of all these types and years, (the minting began in 1954 and ended in 2001) the rarest lira and therefore the highest value lira is that of 1958. Although over 800,000 copies were produced, they are very rare.

Each 50 lire coin bearing a date less than or equal to 1960 it can be worth from 50 euros to over 800 euros.

The 50 lire of 1958, if in perfect condition they have a value of almost 2.000 euro.

100 lire of 1955

The first minting of the 100 read It dates back to 1955. The liras of greatest value are those of the first years of minting, with variations due to the quantity of the circulation produced.

In Fior condition of Conio una coin of 1955 it can be worth around 1000 euro. The rare 100 lire of 1956 have a value ranging from 20 to 150 euros. The 100 lire from 1957 to 1961 have a value that can reach 600 euros.

The coins from 1962 to 1963 are worth from 100 to 200 euro. The 100 lire from 1964 to 1967 can be worth around 50 euros.

Those from 1968 to 1989 have a maximum value of 3 euros. Rare coins then informs that the following ones have no value apart from that of 1972 which has a minting defect which could increase its price.

200 Lire 1977

The “Proof” version of the 1977 200 lire is the one that currently has the most value among the 200 Read. The edition was limited, so today it is one difficult to find currency.

The two hundred lire from 1978 instead they have a crescent error under the neck that makes them special. A specimen of 200 lire test 1977 in Fior di Conio quality it can cost up to 800 euros.

A 200 lire from 1978 with crescent instead it can be worth 90 euros in brilliant uncirculated.

Telephone token 1927

It is not one currency, it is not a lira but who, among people no longer very young, has forgotten the dear and old telephone token. The younger ones will smile and find it hard to believe in the age of telephony everywhere but there was a time when you could almost only call it thanks to him.

The 1927 Token can also be valid if kept in perfect condition 85 euro.

The 500 silver lire of 1957

Great value can have today 500 lire in silver with the caravels. This is a rare coin, explains the site moneterare.net which still makes people discuss for its particularities and characteristics that make it special.

These rare 500 lire exceed the value of all other lire in money, they can really reach stratospheric figures with prices up to 15.000 euro.

500 lire bimetalliche

Final speeches deserve the 500 read bimetalliche.

The bimetallic 500 lire coin is was minted in 1982 and then every year until 1992, then again in 1995 and finally in 2000 and 2001 when they then went out circulation for the arrival of the euro. From 1985 to 2001 it was also minted in the mirror fund in the special collector’s package.

On the obverse of the 500 lira bimetallica it has a winged female head that looks to the left and represents the Italian republic. Below, under the neck of the figure is the signature of the author and on the outside a five-pointed star and the inscription Repubblica Italiana.

Al to there is a representation of the Quirinale square with the year of minting at the bottom and the mint symbol R (Rome) on the left. On the outer ring, the reverse shows the value of the coin, as we have also seen in Braille characters, between an ear and an olive branch.

Being one very common coin the value of a 500 lire bimetallic Fior di Conio coin is around 3 euros or 4 euros for those of 1995. The 500 bimetallic lire minted in 2000 and 2001, being fewer in number, can reach 10 euro.

In 1987 two variants were minted, one classified C with “medium head and large signature“Which can be worth 3 euros.

Also in 1985 two variants were minted: “medium head and large signature” which reaches 3 euros and “medium head and small signature” which can reach 25 euro (these are the 500 read rarer).

You have old lire and rare coins at home: what to do?

Have you found some of these old lire or rare coins at home? The question now that you are asking yourself is “what do I do now?”. Having one of these coins in my hands, trying to make it perform at its best, it is necessary to contact professionals in the sector.

These people can perform appraisals and evaluations analyzing the coins in question. There are also many specialized shops on the web. You can also find sites of degree on line to try to make your own work better coins.

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