Mole Urbana: Umberto Palermo’s electric quadricycle presented in Venice

Mole Urbana: Umberto Palermo’s electric quadricycle presented in Venice
Mole Urbana: Umberto Palermo’s electric quadricycle presented in Venice

A little less than a year after its presentation as a concept Mole Urbana was unveiled in the splendid setting of the Venice Boat Show: the electric quadricycle designed by Umberto Palermo will arrive on the market in 2022, with particular attention also to the world of delivery and of the itinerant trade. The price? It will be between 14,000 and 18,000 euros

Looking at it, it looks like something out of the 1930s, or from some comic book. Because, in the words of its creator, “in a period like this we also need to smile”. Yet it is a decidedly modern project, which looks ahead and aims to give effective and wide-ranging answers to the challenges of sustainability: Umberto Palermo has chosen the inauguration of the Venice Boat Show to present the definitive version of his Mole. Urbana, the electric quadricycle that the Sicilian – but Piedmontese by adoption – designer had unveiled as a concept last July at the National Automobile Museum in Turin.


Appearing in render form in April 2020, Mole Urbana has now become a reality, with the full range of pre-series units unveiled in the splendid setting of the Arsenale. Its mission goes beyond the simple reduction of emissions, as expressed by the claim of the project “Energy Saver: it really changes“:” The opportunity for electrification must be accompanied by a design review and production systems, including non-automotive ones, because CO2 is produced not only by vehicle emissions “underlines Palermo. And in fact Mole Urbana pursues a 360 ° sustainability , placing a special emphasis also on other aspects such as circular economy, recyclability of components and production simplification. In the realization of this innovative vehicle, which belongs to the category of heavy quadricycles, techniques and production systems different from the classic ones will be used such as molding, relying instead on extrusion techniques drawn from the world of architecture that require a smaller amount of energy.


Externally this car sports a fanciful look capable of attracting attention, in a design characterized by solutions that blend style and functionality: the front and rear trunks are very beautiful and characteristic, which thanks to a double bottom act as both a trunk and a technical compartment. for electrical components. Sturdiness, safety and practicality are the main attributes that Mole Urbana intends to boast of, and this can be seen in particular in the passenger compartment. The latter, made with extensive use of wood, is equipped with anti-intrusion bars on the doors and safety roll bars, reclining seats with double armrests and four storage compartments positioned in its upper part. Obviously there is no lack of predispositions for the use of smartphones and tablets, objects that have now forcefully entered our daily life of which Mole Urbana also wants to be the protagonist.


Basing the project on modularity has allowed UP Design to decline with relative ease Mole Urbana in a series of different versions, aimed at a wide and varied target. Two trends are followed, that of transporting people and that of work: as regards the first, there are the small two-seater Small and La Corriera, which thanks to a longer platform adds an additional row of seats; as regards the second, the focus shifts to the Pick Up, equipped with a rear body, and above all to Il Lavoro, aimed in particular at operators in the delivery sectors. Il Lavoro will in turn be available in four completely customizable configurations according to the purpose of destination: Double Cabin, Small, Maxi and Shop, the latter aimed specifically at those involved in street trade.


Width of 1.5 meters and height of 1.9 meters remain unchanged on all variants. Instead, the length changes, which goes from 2.6 meters of the Small to 3.7 meters of the more generous versions: just like the Panda, and it is no coincidence as explained by Palermo himself who in this way wanted to pay and at the same time be inspired by the small car of Fiat house. The load capacity, on the other hand, ranges from 1.8 cubic meters to 4.4 cubic meters, for a maximum total in terms of weight of 350 kg. However, the specifications of the propulsion sector are still partly secret and are being defined, currently being developed by Faist: at the moment it is known that Mole Urbana will have an autonomy of between 100 and 200 km and that it can go further. 50 km / h; a solar charging system will also be prepared to act as a range extender. The wheels, which in the pre-series versions feature lenticular rims, have a diameter of 18 inches.


Mole Urbana will be available on the market by 2022, at a price between 14,000 and 18,000 euros. The sales network will not be made up of dedicated dealers but will be formed thanks to partnerships with other brands such as Signature Kitchen Suite, part of the LG Electronics group. And since after-sales assistance is a fundamental component for a successful product, Umberto Palermo has partnered with Norauto Italia, a company of the Mobivia group with over 2,000 centers throughout Europe that will take care of maintenance. All information on the Mole Urbana project, news and updates are available on the official website, launched on May 29th.

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Mole Urbana Umberto Palermos electric quadricycle presented Venice

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