The Nobel Kremer: let’s get ready now for the next pandemics

The Nobel Kremer: let’s get ready now for the next pandemics
The Nobel Kremer: let’s get ready now for the next pandemics

Opening at least partially “in the presence” of the speakers and the public for the Trento Festival of Economics, from today to Sunday 6 June, now in its 16th edition since 2006 and second with the pandemic. The event is promoted by the autonomous province of Trento, the Municipality and the University of Trento and is conceived and designed by the Laterza publishers; scientific director Professor Tito Boeri of Bocconi University, partner of the Intesa San Paolo banking group.

The official inauguration was preceded by an important preview moment at the end of the morning, when Boeri talked via video link with Paolo Gentiloni, European commissioner for economic and monetary affairs. There are positive expectations for the departure of the Next Generation Eu, the first euro-bonds – for 13% of the total resources – which could start by the summer: but the greatest challenge for the Community Recovery and above all for countries like the ‘Italy – according to Gentiloni – will respect the targets set for the disbursement of resources.


The return of the state: businesses, communities, institutions

The main theme this year is “The return of the state: businesses, communities, institutions”. More concretely, a Festival of the “restart” after the pandemic: the prospects that open up for future generations, the new orientations on the fiscal side and above all the need to tackle Covid on the health level, but also to support those who have been hit hardest, in economic terms.

The events of the Festival continued in the afternoon with the lecture by Michael Kremer, Nobel Prize in Economics in 2019, dedicated to the mechanisms that can encourage the production and global distribution of vaccines. Already a professor at Harvard, but from the current academic year professor at the University of Chicago, he received the Nobel Prize together with Abhijit Banerjee (Indian) and Esther Duflo (French), for the experimental approach to the fight against global poverty. Banerjee and Duflo teach at MIT in Boston and are also husband and wife; Kremer, after graduating, went to teach in middle schools in Kenya to understand how education in poor countries could be improved. For him, more investments in health care improve the results of children in school, but also their incomes when they become adults.

The global figures of the pandemic are impressive

In Italy, the good performance of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign allows us to look forward to the summer holidays with greater relief, while there is still more than an unknown factor for the recovery in the autumn. Globally, however, the figures on the pandemic, regularly recorded every day on the Johns Hopkins University website, are truly impressive: in the world there are more than 170 million infections, with just under 3.7 million victims.

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