New INPS Bonus without ISEE, from 400 to 1,500 euros!

New INPS Bonus without ISEE, from 400 to 1,500 euros!
New INPS Bonus without ISEE, from 400 to 1,500 euros!

The government Draghi is implementing a series of substantial changes including a restructuring of INPS bonus. Much has been said about the new Single Check which will amalgamate some of the existing bonuses, but luckily another has been set up in addition to this INPS bonus that can be requested without ISEE, that is, dedicated also to high incomes.

Let’s talk about the new summer camp bonus 2021, which assigns a non-repayable grant of 100 euro weekly to families with minors included between 3 and 14 years of age.

But this is not the only one INPS bonus which does not have access requirements to benefit from it, for the whole of 2021 the Institute offers a series of bonuses also intended for high incomes which assign up to 1.500 euro of amount.

Let’s make an overview of what all of them are INPS bonus without ISEE already active and how to request them before they expire.

The 2021 summer centers bonus debuts, without ISEE

Let’s start with the news of the summer: the summer camp bonus 2021. The bonus, as already mentioned, is aimed at the families of employees and retirees registered with INPS, with minors who have from 3 to 14 years of age, regardless of the income bracket to which they belong.

This type of contribution makes a distinction between applicant e beneficiary, since being assigned to minors, they are the real recipients, but to request the contribution is who has the dependent child, for example the parent.

The contribution offers 100 euro weekly, to be used over the months from June until the end of September 2021, which cover the total or partial costs of registration fees for any summer centres and, more generally, to all recreational sports activities.

To be entitled to the incentive, the minor must attend the center for a minimum of a week up to a maximum of four weeks, it follows that the amount of the bonus varies according to the length of stay.

The bonus it is not tied to income, it means that everyone can apply, but only the contributions assigned will be 3.000, of which 500 reserved for minors affected by disability.

This means that one will be created ranking among those entitled to whom absolute priority will be given to orphans, then the criterion will be followed of the ISEE, that is, the lowest incomes will still have precedence.

How the amounts of the summer camp bonus are established

In addition to this, the ISEE it is also useful to establish the maximum amounts assigned, because the repayment percentage offered by INPS varies by income:

  • until 8.000 euro the year, the bonus awards the 100% reimbursement;
  • between 8,000.01 and 24,000 euros the year, the bonus awards the 95% reimbursement;
  • between 24,000.01 and 32,000 euros the year, the bonus awards the 90% reimbursement;
  • between 32,000.01 and 56,000 euros the year, the bonus awards l’85% reimbursement;
  • over 56,000 euros the year or if there is no proof of income, the bonus awards l’80% refund.

While minors with disability may have a surcharge of 50% of the amounts.

How to apply to claim the 2021 summer camps bonus

As mentioned, in order to draw up the ranking and assign the 3.000 contributions, the summer camps bonus the order will follow of the growing ISEE, therefore, to submit the application, the DSU to certify the income, even if this is not a requirement for access to the benefit in the strict sense.

Sending of questions is possible from 26 May until 12 noon on 18 June 2021, while the ranking with those entitled to it will be published by INPS by July 16. Like all INPS bonuses, the request must be sent electronically on the Institute’s website on the portal dedicated to Access to Welfare services.

Aid from the state in his video YouTube summarizes all the details on the summer camp bonus 2021:

The 2021 nursery bonus, for minors under three years of age

The families, in which they are present children under three years of age and for which no application can be made for the bonus summer centres, they can still use the daycare bonus, which instead covers the costs of the fees for enrolling in a childcare facility.

In the event that the minor cannot be enrolled in a nursery for chronic pathological conditions, INPS will allow you to use the bonus for a possible House assistance.

Again the bonus does not require ISEE requirements of access, although the income situation is in any case useful in establishing the figure of bonus, which rises as income decreases.

Furthermore, the certification that must be attached is the relative one to the ISEE for minors and not the ordinary ISEE.

This bonus is valid all year round and is not tied to the summer season only like the summer camps bonus, compared to which it also offers higher amounts because you can have it up to 1.500 euro with a high income.

How the 2021 nest bonus amounts are determined

The bonus assigns, on the basis of income, a maximum annual amount which the family can use to pay the lines of the nest. In the case of a minor suffering from pathologies and for which home care is required, then the maximum amounts due will be paid directly, in a single solution.

While, if you use the bonus for the nursery fees then the maximum amount will be divided into 11 quote mensili and paid to beneficiaries only for i actual months in which the minor is registered at the facility. The INPS in fact disburses the monthly amounts after verifying the payment receipts fees and at the time of sending the application form, at least one receipt for a month of payment must be attached.

That said, the maximum amounts they are assigned on an income basis as follows:

  • income up to 25.000 euro a year have a maximum budget of 3.000 euro, that is 11 shares of about 272 euro per month;
  • i redditi between 25,000.01 and 40.00 euros a year have a maximum budget of 2.500 euro, that is 11 shares of about 227 euro per month;
  • income above i 40.000 euro a year have a maximum budget of 1.500 euro, that is 11 shares of about 136 euro per month.

Baby sitter bonus, one of the anti-crisis measures

A measure partially similar to the previous ones is the bonus baby sitter, this contribution is not seasonal but tied to the State of Emergency, due to the pandemic.

Also in this case it is a source of support for families with minors under the age of 14 years of age, but this time the costs cover home care if the child is at home DaD, in quarantine or because of Covid-19.

How this works bonus, offering up to 100 euros per week, without ISEE requirements, it’s a little different from the classic family bonuses INPS. Since before submitting the application you will have to activate the Family Booklet, a service offered by INPS consisting of a digital wallet with which to pay for occasional babysitting services.

Simply put, once you get the Family booklet and sent the request for the bonus baby sitter, if the request is successful, the amount will be paid to digital wallet and can be used to pay whoever offers the service.

The INPS, however, underlines that for the 2021 the nest bonus it cannot be used to pay grandparents, uncles and all relatives within the third degree.

A contribution without an ISEE expiring, the mothers bonus tomorrow

Finally, let’s proceed with our review of the INPS bonus without ISEE 2021, with two contributions due this year: the bonus moms tomorrow and the baby bonus.

The two contributions will expire on December 31st of this year and for them there is no renewal, because in their place there will be the great one Single Check, which will go into full swing in 2022 and will encompass all the others INPS family bonus.

The bonus moms tomorrow, also called a birth award, does not require requirements ISEE and does not have a variable amount. It consists of a birth award of 800 euro for women who bear or adopt a child in 2021.

The bonus can be requested as soon as you enter the seventh month of pregnancy, but a medical certificate that certifies it. The certificate is not necessary if the contribution is requested after the birth of the child. The question, like all INPS bonuses is telematics and must be submitted on the Institute’s portal, in the Performance and Services section.

2022 also takes away the baby bonus

Among the contributions destined to disappear to make room to the Single Check also the well-known and popular baby bonus, which this year does not require income requirements to benefit from it.

Also in this case the ISEE if it is not restricted, it allows you to increase the amount of the contribution, which rises when income falls.

The contribution consists of a disbursed sum monthly from birth to the child’s birthday, if however the incentive is requested more than 90 days after birth, INPS will not pay the arrears of monthly payments.

As mentioned, the baby bonus assigns different amounts depending on income:

  • no later than 7.000 euro of income, 1.920 euro the year, that is 160 euros per month;
  • between 7,000.01 and 40,000 euros of income, 1.400 euro the year, that is 120 euros per month;
  • over i 40.000 euro of annual income, 960 euro a year, that is 80 euros per month.

In case the minor is affected by any disability there is an increase in the amounts of the baby bonus equal to 20%. Again, the question request must be submitted online in the Performance and Services section and the income situation must be calculated on the basis of the ISEE for minors.

In July 2021, the Single Check for Children makes its debut

As mentioned, in the 2021 the great will make his debut Single allowance for children, which will enter into force gradually until it is fully operational in the 2022.

His entry onto the scene is scheduled for July 1, 2021, but the bonus will initially be aimed only at unemployed e autonomous, in truth, only general information is known for now because there is still a lack of detailed legislation.

According to rumors the Single Check, open to families with members who have not yet completed the 21 years of age, should pay out a maximum amount of 250 euro per month, established on the basis of income.

Among the bonuses that will be merged with this incentive in addition to the already mentioned bonus moms tomorrow e baby bonus, also the allowances to the family unit (Anf). In any case, its real activation, that is, when it will be addressed to everyone, will only begin at the beginning 2022.

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