Startup, Miscusi collects another 20 million euros and aims abroad

Startup, Miscusi collects another 20 million euros and aims abroad
Startup, Miscusi collects another 20 million euros and aims abroad

New financing from 20 million euros per Excuse me, the Italian brand that belongs to a chain of restaurants specializing in pasta. This was announced by the same company, which specified that the figure comes from a further round of Mip, the venture capital fund of which Angelo Moratti is anchor investor, with the support of American fund Kitchen Fund already investor in numerous successful international food companies, including SweetGreen.

The capital is added to the 5 million euros raised during the first three years of life which saw the startup grow from 1 to 11 million euros in turnover in 30 months. With this operation, Miscusi declares that he wants to direct his development path towardsinternationalization, at the resumption of Italian openings which were expected in 2020 and to a regenerative agriculture project.

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2021, in the expectations of Miscusi management, marks a second and more mature phase of life in which the brand is studying a pasta dish with regenerative ingredients for man and the planet, in order to balance nutritional values ​​and exploit photosynthesis to absorb CO2. The first experimental project of regenerative agriculture is underway which, unlike monoculture practices, focuses on the restoration and enrichment of the soil which will thus contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Pasta unites has always been one of our mottos, but Covid has forced us to tear us apart”, has explained Alberto Cartasegna, CEO and founder of Miscusi, We reacted by focusing on the future, convinced that 2020 would leave us all with a higher maturity. Food production will have to increase by 60% over the next 30 years. Here lies the greatest challenge and opportunity to combat overheating and avoid disaster. Change ours diet (O lifestyle) is the most impactful individual choice that each of us can make to help save the planet. Our stakeholders, including shareholders, Angelo above all, share and support our mission “.

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“The capitalist system as we know it no longer works, we have to reform it”, was instead the observation of Angelo Moratti, “The only ones who can accelerate this evolution are the entrepreneurs of the new generation. Venture capital can do a lot to take us into a new phase of capitalism, Mip has invested in miscusions and in Alberto’s long-term vision that will allow the company to become, through catering, a global movement ”.

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