Between Oria and Manduria the marriage with the second richest man in the world

Bernard Arnault © Google

Puglia continues to be a land for weddings for families with seven-figure bank accounts. This time Oria will be the setting for the most beautiful day in the life of a couple of close relatives Bernard Arnault, the second richest man in the world in the “Forbes” chart.

The French entrepreneur owner of the luxury group “Lvhm” (Louis Vitton, Dior e Moët&Chandon), will be among the guests of the richest wedding in Oritan history. According to what is reported by the newspaper of Bari, the relatives of the French billionaire have chosen to marry the place where in the thirteenth century, Frederick II of Swabia had celebrated the wedding with Jolanda di Brienne. The chosen venue is the Palombara farm, an old restored farmhouse with spa and resort located on the road to Manduria just before the territorial border of the Messapian city.

Arnault has recently also invested in Puglia with the purchase of a masseria in Ostuni still in the process of restructuring. In 2007, the last known official figure, his assets were valued at 26 billion dollars.

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