Monfalcone awaits the cruise ships: in July they will dock in Portorosega for three weekends in a row

Monfalcone awaits the cruise ships: in July they will dock in Portorosega for three weekends in a row
Monfalcone awaits the cruise ships: in July they will dock in Portorosega for three weekends in a row

Technical tests of the cruise terminal in Portorosega. It will be an absolutely unprecedented experience that Monfalcone is preparing to live in July. When in the first three weekends of the month, Saturday and Sunday, dock one will be dusted off – already baptized in the summer of 2019 by the anchorage of the Palinuro, one of the most stylish training ships of the Italian Navy landed on the Gulf of Panzano – for the docking of two white ladies of the sea, the MSC Orchestra and Magnifica, with an adjoining crowd of passengers.

A novelty dictated by mandatory, other people’s, problems of interdiction or occupation of the waters: cruise ships will not be able to moor on the Giudecca for the concomitant G20 of the economy, scheduled in Venice from 8 to 11 July, and for the Festival del Redentore, which falls on the third Sunday of that month. Bouncing the Msc Orchestra and Magnifica in Trieste would have been equally impracticable, given that the nearby seaport is already full in cruise arrivals and departures.

So Cenerentola Monfalcone, for three weeks, will wear the best dress and open her arms to the passengers. And since in the city of the shipyard many of these marine platforms of fun and relaxation find incubation, it can be said that this time the circle is closed perfectly.

On the political level, the opportunity is tempting, for the mayor Anna Cisint. He will be able to demonstrate, if all goes smoothly, that Monfalcone legitimately aspires to something else and is able to build an alternative plot, a plan B for industry tout court. In fact, Cisint has already invented, for these very first arrivals which it hopes for further landing, a “free package” to be delivered to MSC passengers, to make the landing on bisiac soil happy and thus make the territory known. Maybe not as fascinating as the Trieste or Venetian one, but which can still try to have its say by exhibiting Rocca and Muca, one tomorrow by fanning the redeveloped Sauro marina, the northernmost point of the Mediterranean, a curiosity or an attraction to see. Not only that, it could offer cruise tourists, in the event of synergies with Fincantieri, a close look at the factory that produces the white hulls on which he boarded, armed with a camera and espadrilles. Through guided visits to the Panzano plant.

With this spirit, therefore, the mayor took part in the meeting for the definition of the methods of docking the ships. There were Pier Paolo Scala, MSC port captain, and his collaborators, Admiral Vincenzo Vitale, commander of the Port Authority of Trieste, the Monfalcone counterpart, Captain Giovanni Nicosia and Sergio Signore of the System Authority. The choice fell on Monfalcone, as illustrated, due to its strategic position, halfway between Trieste and Venice, served by the A4 connection. Tourists will land here from the Dalmatian coast, departing for Italian ports. The Msc Orchestra route is: Monfalcone, Bari, Corfu, Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Monfalcone; of Msc Magnifica: Monfalcone, Bari, Piraeus-Athens, Mykonos, Split, Monfalcone.

All the facilities necessary for boarding and disembarking passengers, as well as customs and related controls, will be set up inside the port area, with access from via Vittorio Veneto. For passengers on boarding, health checks will be carried out in advance in Venice, while transport to Monfalcone will take place with minibuses with a capacity of 25-30 people.

“This modality – explains the mayor – will allow not to congest the traffic and to experiment the potentialities related to the cruise, which could be an alternative to the energy production site”. And again: «We don’t have fancy dreams: we want to live the experience as an opportunity». In short, a test “to also think about future developments in this sector, which with the variant located in the port master plan can be fully implemented”. –


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