15 jobs at risk

15 jobs at risk
15 jobs at risk

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03 June 2021 15:15

The Pisanova Autogrill closes its doors in the middle of this month. “A few days ago the communication from the Company – Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs Toscana declared in a note – leaving the 15 workers employed there in a situation of absolute uncertainty on the fate of their workplace, just as the information that led to the closure decision is unclear “.

“It seems – explain Francesca Grassini, Claudia Vargiu and Irene Cesari – that Autogrill had received the evicted from the property of the fund, Immobiliare Il Cobra srl, and that the only way accepted by the real estate, to resolve the dispute, was the termination of the contract itself. Among other things, the property has imposed on Autogrill to empty the premises and deliver it as it was originally, a request that requires an early closure of the premises for a few days. We do not understand if this sudden succession of events is linked to the interest of other companies to take over the premises currently managed by Autogrill and on this we ask that let it be clarified “.

The attempts by the trade unions to reopen a discussion with the fund were useless: “We have been trying for days to get in touch with the owners, but it seems that no one has the references, or rather, despite our attempts, we have not received them nor from Autogrill , nor by the Management of the Shopping Center, yet we are sure that all these actors have talked to each other at least once. We would not want to avoid clarifying that some other company will take over from Autogrill, so as not to allow the passage of workers and therefore safeguarding employment. For these reasons we asked and held a meeting with the Municipal Administration to take action to try to understand the real situation, just as a similar request was sent to the Prefecture of Pisa, which we have yet to meet. trying to offer workers some alternatives, but they are alternatives away from home more than 50 km “.

“Right at this difficult time for our country and our economy, a serious problem is being created occupational emergency that we would absolutely like to be averted. We do not think it right that these 15 workers are thrown out like this, overnight and without a clear explanation “the unions conclude.


jobs risk

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