the Region by Region calendar

the Region by Region calendar
the Region by Region calendar

From now, Thursday 3 June, all citizens can book theirs Covid vaccine, regardless of their age. The green light was given by the Coronavirus emergency commissioner, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, but it should still be emphasized that many Regions have decided to wait before opening reservations to all age groups. From today in many territories it is possible to book the administration of the vaccine for all citizens aged 12 and over, while elsewhere it will still be necessary to wait a few days (or weeks). We see a kind of regional calendar of bookings openings for the anti-Covid vaccine for age groups not yet reached, starting with the youngest.

Which Regions open reservations to everyone immediately

From last night it is possible to book the vaccine in Lombardy for all age groups, with the opening from 12 to 29 years. From today, June 3, the Piedmont, while the Campania last night opened reservations for all residents aged 12 and over through the regional platform. During the week the Friuli Venezia Giulia; a Bolzanoinstead, from June 3, reservations are open for the 16 to 18 year old bracket, which has been missing so far. Also opens to all Veneto, with the age group from 12 to 39 years. In Abruzzo those who are at least 16 years old can book the anti-Covid vaccine from today to 2 pm. Open for all over 12 years in Calabria from 4pm today. In Sicily today it opens from 16 to 39 years old. In Umbria pre-accessions are already open to all citizens of age, but at the moment 50-year-olds are vaccinated. Similar speech in Basilicata, where today the platform opens to everyone, but the priority remains for the elderly: at the moment, 50 and 60 year olds are vaccinated.

Who will open vaccine reservations to everyone in the next few days

In Sardinia the opening to the 16-39 age group is scheduled for June 4, starting at 12 noon LiguriaInstead, for now, volunteers over 18 who decide to receive the AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson vaccine can be booked, while for the other age groups there will be some stages: from 4 June it opens to those born between 1982 and 1986 , from 7 June it goes on with the other thirty-year-olds up to 9 June with the 20-24 band. Graduality also in Emilia Romagna: from 7 to 18 June every two days a new age group opens: it starts with the 35-39 years together with the 12-19, then it continues five years in five years, arriving at the opening to all from 18 June. In Tuscany reservations open to all citizens aged 16 and over starting from 7 June: at the moment it is possible to book up to 38 years old. In Puglia today it opens to the 35-39 year-olds bracket, then it goes on gradually from 5 to 11 June, the day on which even 16-year-olds can book. Also in Molise it goes in stages: today the booking opens for thirty-year-olds, while from Saturday 5 June it will also be the turn of twenty-year-olds.

Vaccine, which regions have not yet said when they will open to everyone

There are some Regions that have not yet provided the dates for opening reservations to all age groups. In Valle d’Aosta, for example, there are no dates, but on June 2nd there was an Astra open day for all over 18s. In the Market for now the reservation is open to 40-year-olds and from 30 May without age groups for people with comorbidities; furthermore, up to 6 June, graduates can get vaccinated without reservation, but in alphabetical order. For the younger groups, everything could be postponed to the beginning of July. No date even for the Lazio, where for now 40-year-olds can book: opening to other age groups has not yet been announced. However, the open days with AstraZeneca remain for the over 18. No news either Trento, where the 45-49 age bracket has just been opened.

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