IMU 2021 on account on June 16: all the new exemptions

IMU 2021 on account on June 16: all the new exemptions
IMU 2021 on account on June 16: all the new exemptions

First IMU installment between the tax deadlines of June 2021: here are all the legal exemptions and concessions caused by Covid.

The 1June 6, 2021 the usual fiscal deadline for the payment of theIMU deposit: the first installment of the tax is due for the holders of property rights or other real right of enjoyment, but also by the concessionaires of state-owned areas and by the tenants of leased properties (therefore, buildings, building areas are taxable and agricultural land). In addition to the notes exemptions – first of all that for the first house not luxury (cadastral category A1, A8 and A9) and related appliances of cadastral category C2, C6 and C7, as well as all similar properties to the main residence (co-operatives with undivided ownership, first home of assignee members or assignees university, even without residence; social housing; family home assigned to the custodial parent of the children; only non-rented property, owned by members of the Armed Forces, fire or prefectural career) – there are the Announcements provided for by the various decrees Covid, to protect the businesses most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, in particular tourism businesses and VAT numbers which have suffered significant drops in profitability.

Covid exemptions first installment IMU2021

The Budget Law confirmed the exemption inaugurated in 202 by the Relaunch Decree (Article 177 of Legislative Decree 34/2020) providing for the cancellation of the first IMU 2021 installment for the buildings in the sectors tourism, receptive-hotel and of show owned by the same managers of the activities: seaside, lake and river bathing establishments, spas; hotels, pensions, farmhouses, tourist villages, youth hostels, mountain refuges, marine and mountain colonies, landlords for short stays, holiday homes and apartments, bed & breakfasts, residences; properties of companies that set up exhibition structures for trade fairs or exhibitions; discos, dance halls and night clubs. Furthermore, according to the conversion law of the Support Decree (article 6-sexies) are always exempted from the payment of the first IMU installment also the VAT numbers already open on 23 March 2021 who own properties and use them for their own production or professional activity, as long as they can boast as requirements the same ones provided for accessing the non-repayable contributions of the same Legislative Decree 41/2021:

  • annual revenues and fees not exceeding 10 million euros;
  • average monthly loss of turnover or fees of at least 30% in 2020 compared to those recorded in 2019.

Other IMU exemptions

  • For i agricultural land and their assimilates the tax is not due: by direct farmers and professional agricultural entrepreneurs registered in the agricultural pension; in the Municipalities of the list referred to in the circular of the Ministry of Finance no. 9 of June 14, 1993; in the municipalities of the smaller islands referred to in attachment A to law no. 448; if destined for agrosilvo-pastoral use and are indivisible and inusucapable collective property.
  • There is also an exemption for some cases of use of buildings by activity exclusively non-commercial: public buildings for institutional use; manufactured for the exclusive exercise of worship; buildings in cadastral categories from E / 1 to E / 9; buildings intended for cultural uses (art. 5-bis of Presidential Decree no. 601 of 29 September 1973); properties of subjects referred to in letter i) of paragraph 1 of art. 7 of Legislative Decree 504/1992 and intended for non-profit activities provided for in the same letter i).
  • A local level IMU concessions and exemptions are applicable for properties on free loan to an institution and commercial and artisanal businesses in a restricted traffic area due to the construction of public works for over 6 months.

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