“We apologize for the inconvenience, next Open Day better organization”

“We apologize for the inconvenience, next Open Day better organization”
“We apologize for the inconvenience, next Open Day better organization”

3,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine administered on the day of the open day at the hub of the Fair which has unleashed a flood of controversy and criticism on management.

It shows “very well how widespread and required vaccination is especially among the younger population. I therefore want to thank all the health workers who, with their intense work, even voluntary, have almost tripled the number of doses”, comments the regional councilor to health care, Raffaele Donini “a particular reflection is required on the organizational model practiced, which, not requiring any reservations, inevitably led many people to reach the Fair from the early hours of the day. For this we are sorry and apologize for the misunderstandings and inconveniences that have occurred to the citizens. It will therefore be our care already from the next Open Days, together with the ASLs concerned, to share organizational methods that are easier to manage for everyone and less inconvenient for citizens “.

Thousands of people lined up at the Fair. Social unleashed: “A trap, crazy and bankruptcy choice”

Of the thousands of people who “flocked” to Piazza Costituzione, not all, of course, were able to get vaccinated, even if Ausl, which initially made available 1,200 J&J vaccines, first doubled, and later added another 600 doses, thus reaching 3,000.

Donini addresses “special thanks to the police, civil protection, the red cross and the health workers themselves for the valuable work done today, especially in the most critical moments of influx of people near the vaccination hub”.

The Open days “are designed and organized to speed up especially the administration of those viral vector vaccines for which the corresponding target is now being completed, extending them to the entire applicant population, regardless of the age group, so as not to remain in long stocks in the refrigerator “, highlights the commissioner. The Dire reports it.

On the episode, yesterday the mayor Virginio Merola also spoke: “I apologize for the inconvenience. The Ausl has worked in perfect good faith to give an extra service. This time it has underestimated the aggregation capacity that these initiatives have, it will remedy “.

Next vaccination steps

Today, June 3, the first vaccination centers open in the workplace, while the over 40s, registered on the site, will have to receive, as scheduled, the appointment date. In the next few days “we will proceed with the booking by age group, so that all those who intend to get vaccinated in our Hubs can have a booking date”, adds Donini.

From June 10, everyone will be able to book for vaccination against Covid-19. Without any restrictions on age groups. The news on the vaccination campaign are contained in a circular from the emergency commissioner, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, expected by 10 June.

Vaccines in the company: it starts on 3 June with 180 thousand workers

Covid vaccines. Stop age groups, from June everyone will be able to book

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