Vaccini, in Fvg over 44 thousand bookings for the 16-39 age group. Queues in the pharmacy and slowed down system

Vaccini, in Fvg over 44 thousand bookings for the 16-39 age group. Queues in the pharmacy and slowed down system
Vaccini, in Fvg over 44 thousand bookings for the 16-39 age group. Queues in the pharmacy and slowed down system

TRIESTE In Friuli Venezia Giulia there are 44,647 people belonging to the 16-39 category who booked the vaccination at 18. Adding up the other bands, the number of today’s data amounts to a total of 48,081. This was communicated by the deputy governor with responsibility for Health Riccardo Riccardi.

As Riccardi himself recalled, in the region the total audience of the 16-39 band is 220 thousand people.

At 12 noon, the registered adhesions were already very high: 29,831 people belonging to the age group 16-39 who, since this morning, have booked for the anti-Covid vaccination in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The figure, which photographs the situation at 12 o’clock, records 11,071 bookings in the area of ​​the region under the responsibility of the Giuliano Isontina University Health Authority, 10,608 in the Friuli Centrale University Health Authority and 8,152 in the Western Friuli Health Authority.

This was communicated by the deputy governor with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi.

As for the other categories, again with regard to today, bookings amount to 1,409 in the 40-79 range, 263 in that of vulnerable subjects, 121 under

60 with chronic diseases, 111 operators of essential public services, 106 of school staff, 80 caregivers and high-risk individuals, 34 over 80, 30 health workers and 21 guests in residential structures.

The most used booking channels were: pharmacies (14,289), online web-app (13,060) and call centers (2,469).

At 10 o’clock there were already over 17,317 bookings from citizens of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the 16-39 range, out of a total of 18,349.

“It is a very comforting signal and that allows us to be optimistic about the achievement of the objectives of the vaccination campaign in Friuli Venezia Giulia. I thank the citizens who, with a sense of responsibility, have booked and continue to do so on all open channels to access the vaccine. “.

Thus the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, commented on the partial data relating to vaccine reservations for the 16-39 age group, opened today.

“Touching thirty thousand bookings in a few hours is a fact that gives us a climate of confidence in the vaccination campaign among the younger and healthier population; an index of responsibility towards the weakest towards whom, until now, we have our utmost concern is concentrated “concluded Fedriga.

From 7 this morning, Thursday 3 June, even people between 16 and 39 years old can book the anti-covid vaccine in Friuli Venezia Giulia. That the day could become decisive for the vaccination campaign in the region was already in the air. But the expectations of many (among those who hoped for an acceleration of the campaign and those who obviously can’t wait to receive the serum), soon collided with the booking system, which literally went haywire.

The Cup telephone service was clogged up early in the morning: the long-busy lines forced users to wait at least an hour before being able to book. Same fate for those who, at the stroke of seven, connected to the Region’s website with the hope of getting away with it as soon as possible through the webapp.

Here is what a user reported: “I managed to enter the computer system after 5 minutes and I immediately realized that it had not been updated for the under 40s. At that point I went out, but when I got back I already had 2 thousand people in front of me. And when, after an hour of waiting, my turn finally came, the system crashed ”.

The fact is that around 9.30 there were over 14,400 people waiting on the regional webapp.

Queuing in front of the Trieste pharmacies

In the meantime, queues have formed in front of the Trieste pharmacies: many have evidently preferred not to rely on telephone or computer services.

In the queue in front of the Al Giglio pharmacy (Lasorte)

Insiel’s comment

Insiel’s president and CEO explains Diego Antonini: «The service has never been interrupted but sometimes there are severe delays obviously when there is a great pressure the duration of the time required to make the reservation becomes longer. To use a comparison, it is like attaching a heavy load to a car: it does not stop but inevitably moves slower. With the expansion of reservations to the youngest, it was conceivable that they would move to the platform and therefore we expected an important queue when the diaries were opened. I remember that the site was created to respond to an emergency phase so it is simple in its operating logic but queuing is necessary in the face of large access requests because the webapp relies on the regional Cup, designed for a more linear operation “.

The expected numbers

Given that 50 thousand under 40s have already received the vaccine because they are included in the priority categories, the Region estimates that in the 16-39 age group there are about 220 thousand subjects who can get vaccinated, to whom Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are reserved “.

How to book the vaccine

Vaccination can be booked through the regional Call center (0434 223522), the Cup counters of the health companies, the authorized pharmacies and from 7 am on Thursday 3 June, also through the webapp.


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