Goodbye English and Indian variants, WHO renames them with the Greek alphabet. China scared of the Delta

Goodbye English and Indian variants, WHO renames them with the Greek alphabet. China scared of the Delta
Goodbye English and Indian variants, WHO renames them with the Greek alphabet. China scared of the Delta

Goodbye at variants English, South African, Brazilian O indiana, from now on they must be called with the letters of the Greek alphabet. The reason? Variants no longer have to bear the name of the country in which they developed or where they were first recognized: it is discriminatory. For this reason, therefore, from now on the variants of Covid will change their name, renamed by the World Health Organization with the first 4 letters of the Greek alphabet, following the progressive order based on their appearance during the pandemic. So the English variant was called Alpha, Beta the South African, Gamma the Brazilian variant and Delta the Indian one which, to date, is the most feared.

The WHO has decided to set aside a designation of geographical origin, which could still damage the country of origin, to adopt a simple and clear nomenclature.

THE SCIENTIFIC ABBREVIATIONS ALSO REMAIN – The variants also have a scientific name but too complex to remember or in any case to be used colloquially: the English variant, today Alpha, has the initials B.1.1.7., The South African variant, now beta, has the initials B.1.351 , the Brazilian Gamma has the scientific acronym P.1 and the Indian Delta corresponds to the name of B.1.617.2. However, these are difficult to remember acronyms: “Although they have their advantages, scientific names can be difficult to remember and are often misrepresented – explained Maria Van Kerkove, WHO technical manager for Covid-19 – and so people often name variants based on where they are detected, which is stigmatizing and discriminatory. To avoid this and to simplify public communications, it encourages national authorities, the media and others to adopt these new labels. ”

CAN THE NAME OF THE VARIANT REALLY BE DENIGRATORY FOR A COUNTRY? – To understand the rationale with which the variants were renamed, just think of the previous ones: the Ebola virus, which takes its name from the Congolese river from which the virus was thought to have originated, still sends a very strong reference to the geographical derivation that is associated with such a ferocious virus. Covid itself, for example, in the first period was referred to as the “Chinese” virus. To avoid a clear reference to the province of Wuhan, from which it seems to have started, the WHO has decided to rename it internationally with Covid-19. To avoid this effect, the Indian government has strongly asked social networks to remove the wording “Indian varante”. The appeal was accepted by the WHO, which for some time had been studying possible new names and then adopted the letters of the Greek alphabet.

DELTA FIREPLACE IN CHINA, NEW LOCKDOWN – In the Chinese province of Guangdong, several cases, even asymptomatic, were recorded for a week: most of them developed in the highly populated city of Guangzhou with its 7.2 million inhabitants. According to the health authorities, most of the infections depend on the Delta variant: it would therefore be the first outbreak of this variant in China. For this reason in the Guangdong province all flights arriving and departing have been canceled and have been put in lockdown local communities.

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