Borsa Italiana Today, 3 June 2021: Ftse Mib closes positively

Borsa Italiana Today, 3 June 2021: Ftse Mib closes positively
Borsa Italiana Today, 3 June 2021: Ftse Mib closes positively

After the intraday lows reached in the middle of the session, the session closed up for the Italian Stock Exchange today: on the Ftse Mib the purchases on securities of the sector stand out industrial and energy.

Tomorrow the appointment to be marked in red on the calendar is represented by the update relating to the trend of US job market: the indications arrived today from the ADP estimate, which increased by 978 thousand units, and from the new requests for subsidies, which fell to 385 thousand units, bode well.

After the three sessions with the plus sign, the Brent oil futures consolidate at 71.36 dollars a barrel while on the currency the Eurodollar falls by 0.67% to 1.21282.

The greenback has thought about pushing up Patrick Harker. According to the # 1 of the Philadelphia Fed, it may be time to slow down the pace of asset purchases.

Borsa Italiana Today, update at 17:40: energy and industry push the Ftse Mib

The session of the Ftse Mib closed at 25,452.33 points, + 0.29%, while the spread between our BTPs and the German Bunds did not register significant changes, confirming itself at 102 basis points.

With crude oil at its highest for two and a half years, Saipem finished with + 1.39%, Tenaris with + 0.85% and Eni with + 0.68%.

In the banking sector, money on Banco BPM (+ 0.91%) in the process, according to rumors, to sell 1.5 billion of impaired loans.

Money also on stocks in the industrial sector with + 2.37% of Pirelli, + 1.92% of Prysmian and + 1.03% of CNH Industrial.

The worst performances were recorded by Atlantia (-1.5%) and STMicroelectronics (-1.33%).

Update at 13: Ftse Mib slips into red

Shortly before 1pm the Ftse Mib and the Dax move back by half a percentage point while the Cac40 drops by 0.4%.

On the Ftse Mib, the weakness of the banking sector stands out (-1.17% of BPER, -0.81% of Mediobanca and -0.55% of UniCredit). According to the numbers reported by «il Sole24Ore», the overall badwill of the sector to be used for business combinations would amount to around 20 billion euros.

The combination formed by Atlantia and STMicroelectronics (-1.78 and -1.43 per cent) is also in the red.

The BTP-Bund spread at 103 basis points has little effect.

Future Wall Street: weak opening expected

Two and a half hours after the start of trading, the derivative on the Dow Jones registers -0.19%, the one on the S & P500 loses 0.16% and the future on the Nasdaq falls by 0.11%.

Update 9:25 am: Ftse Mib, focus on energy

The Ftse Mib in the first trades has little movement at 25,391.12 points (+ 0.04%), the Cac40 shows a specular trend (-0.06%), the Dax loses 0.21% and the Ftse100 falls by half point per cent.

The spread was also weak, down by 0.4% to 102 basis points.

On the Milan stock exchange, Saipem (+ 2.5%), Tenaris (+ 1.13%) and Eni (+ 0.29%) capitalize on the new rise in Brent oil.

In the banking sector, money on Banco BPM (+ 0.98%), which is about to announce the sale of 1.5 billion in impaired loans, UniCredit (+ 0.34%) and Intesa Sanpaolo (+ 0.12%) while Mediobanca is down by a quarter of a percentage point.

Asia stock exchanges: Tokyo stock market closes positively

The Hong Kong index, the Hang Seng, loses 1.17%, the China A50 loses half a percentage point and the Nikkei closed with + 0.39%.

Plus sign also for the Australian S & P / ASX 200 index (+ 0.59%).

Wall Street: indices just above par

Yesterday’s session of the Dow Jones ended up + 0.07% while the S & P500 and Nasdaq both showed + 0.14%.

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