can it be postponed? Are there any exceptions? Here are the rules –

can it be postponed? Are there any exceptions? Here are the rules –
can it be postponed? Are there any exceptions? Here are the rules –

On the one hand the desire for holidays, on the other the need to get vaccinated against Covid. It is not always easy to reconcile the two. And so in the Lombard vaccination hubs many ask doctors and nurses if possible move the dates of the injection. Even the extraordinary commissioner for the emergency, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, invites the Regions to apply flexible booking procedures of vaccination that allow citizens to define the vaccination schedule already from the choice of the date of the first dose, in order to avoid, as far as possible, that the second administration coincides with the periods of absence from the areas of residence.

Let’s see how it works in Lombardy.

Can I choose the date of the first vaccination?

Yes, the regional portal shows several vaccination date and place options to choose from. Once the registration is completed, the citizen must respect the commitment made.

Can I choose when to receive the second injection?

The portal shows the time windows by which you will receive the second dose, if applicable, depending on the type of vaccine. At the moment only the drug of Johnson & Johnson single-dose. For Pfizer e Modern the recall on average set at 35 days apart, at 78 per AstraZeneca, renamed Vaxzevria. When booking the first dose it is possible to understand in which period the recall will fall and to choose according to your needs.

Can I postpone the first appointment?

It is possible to change the appointment booked for the administration of the first dose of the vaccine through the online platform booking or by contacting the toll-free number 800 894 545 (in this case it is necessary to provide the data of the health card, the tax code, the mobile number and membership ID).

Can I postpone the appointment for the second dose of the vaccine?

In general no: the portal does not allow the modification. There are some exceptions granted for health or work reasons. As for the teachers, only in the case of state exam sessions and ballots can they contact the call center and ask for the date of administration to be changed. The switchboard will make a new reservation, in compliance with the scheduled times and the availability of the diaries.

For other proven business reasons, individual vaccination centers may allow for a minimal delay in the injection. Citizen should contact the hub and check availability. Few exceptions were granted. Otherwise, the organization of the vaccination campaign would suffer.

I got sick before the second dose: can I postpone the vaccination?

Not all diseases require the postponement of vaccination: it is necessary to contact the reference vaccination center and discuss with the medical staff to understand what to do.

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