Model 730/2021 suspended due to data errors, no assistance from the Revenue Agency

Model 730/2021 suspended due to data errors, no assistance from the Revenue Agency
Model 730/2021 suspended due to data errors, no assistance from the Revenue Agency

For some taxpayers the model 730/2021 is inaccessible: it is suspended for data errors communicated by third parties.

Wrong’Revenue Agency does not provide thehoped for assistance: there are no particular instructions to follow or indications on the time to resolve the problem.

To report it to the editorial staff of Tax information is a reader who, according to the contact center itself, is in the situation of many other users.

Last year they filed their tax return online independently 3.9 million people, but a click is not always enough to proceed.

And if the relationship with the tax authorities is blocked, it is the taxpayers who pay the price.

Model 730/2021 suspended due to data errors, no assistance from the Revenue Agency

From the May 19 the sending function of the precompiled 730/2021 form, already visible from 10 May, has been activated.

For some, however, it is not yet possible to transmit the data, as reported by a reader who turns to the editorial staff to turn the spotlight on trouble e “Hasten its resolution”.

Following the expected schedule, in the past few weeks he has downloaded the information processed by the Revenue Agency to verify its completeness and adequacy.

In the meantime, however, the model 730/2021 has become inaccessible. As the error message reads, it is being processed for adjustments on medical expenses and reimbursements carried out by an operator in the sector and remains suspended.

How long? What should I do to solve the problem? Who to contact? They are all questions that remain without answer, according to the account of the taxpayer who tried to contact theRevenue Agency without receiving no particular indication, but only the confirmation that the problem exists. And for different taxpayers.

Model 730/2021 suspended due to data errors: a repeating problem

It is not the first time that the model 730 comes suspended for data errors communicated by third parties. It has already happened, for example, in 2019.

At the time of login, users had received a message of this type:

“Your pre-filled statement is being reworked. We are updating the information due to corrections of the data transmitted by third parties or due to inconsistencies found in the processed data. The updated pre-filled declaration will be available in a few days “.

In addition to health workers, cited by the reader, universities, funeral homes, nurseries just to name a few are part of the group of third parties that within specific deadlines must transmit i data concerning taxpayers all’Revenue Agency to allow the processing of the precompiled.

If errors occur, however, the Administration invites i interested parties to review the information. And looking forward to receiving fixes and updates the precompiled is suspended until the new processing.

In other words, it’s just about wait: according to the instructions provided in previous years, the taxpayer does not have to follow particular procedures.

They certainly remain two themes:

  • from the Revenue Agency one would expect different assistance from the one described by the reader, it would be enough at least to reassure taxpayers who encounter the problem;
  • how long is there to wait for solution of the problem?

Model 730/2021 suspended due to data errors: the relationship between the tax authorities and the taxpayer is at risk

The management of the relationship between taxpayer and taxpayer it is not a minor detail.

If it is not made smooth and effective, it risks compromising compliance for citizens and the mistrust of the financial administration.

In the case in question, in fact, the responsibility for a possible disservice certainly does not lie with the taxpayer, although there is a willingness to solve the problem as well as interest.

In addition to the operations of rectification and re-processing of the data, cases that can be part of the process of preparing the pre-filled declarations, difficulty of the citizen to reach the Revenue Agency.

A distance that, on the other hand, should be shortened as much as possible. On several occasions, the Director of theRevenue Agency Ernesto Maria Ruffini.

For example, in the hearing of 14 September 2020 in the VI Commission, Finance, of the Chamber of Deputies, Ruffini stressed the need to bring practices into a system applied in the period of coronavirus emergency and to make them structural.

On that occasion, the Director of the Revenue Agency declared:

“The concept of” physical counter “therefore evolves towards that of” virtual counter “and the citizen can access it with multiple channels, choosing how and when to use the services.”

They were listed in this regard three channels:

  • the telematic channel;
  • reception in offices with scheduled access;
  • the widespread telephone assistance system.

The effectiveness of such channels certainly can improve the relationship with the taxpayer: an answer that informs about the impossibility of determining the timing for the resolution of the problem is certainly better than one no response.

On the other hand, problems regarding telephone assistance have emerged even more recently, as also highlighted by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Finance Maria Cecilia Guerra, during thequestion for immediate answer of 19 May 2021.

Maria Cecilia Guerra had in fact reassured taxpayers and professionals with a commitment:

“It will be the responsibility of the Agency to continue with the investments started to strengthen the assistance services also in order to improve the telephone reception system of the provincial offices of the Agency”

At the moment, therefore, it is still there a lot of work to do.

Model 730/2021 suspended due to data errors: when refunds arrive

The delays for the re-processing operations due to the rectification of the data relating to charges and reimbursements could then generate delays also in the provision of any refunds, and here we come to the question of timing.

In order to have the sums credited, in the case of sending the declaration through CAF or authorized intermediary, it is necessary to take into account the terms required to communicate the result of the return to the Revenue Agency.

The roadmap indicated is the following:

  • if the declaration is submitted by May 31, the final results must be communicated by June 15;
  • if the declaration is presented from 1 to 20 June, the final results must be communicated by 29 June;
  • if the declaration is presented from 21 June to 13 July, the final results must be communicated by 23 July;
  • if the declaration is presented from July 16 to August 31, the final results must be communicated by September 15;
  • if the declaration is submitted from 1 July to 30 September, the final results must be communicated by 30 September.

The first useful credit:

  • in the case of employees, the pay slip for the month following that in which the employer received the liquidation statement;
  • in the case of retirees, the credit will be made starting from the second month following that of receipt of the settlement prospectus.

The same times apply to the pre-filled 730 form.

If the system of pre-filled tax returns which also offers many advantages but it gets stuck, there is a real risk of a delay on repayments.

Since the data flows required to make the precompiled 730 model available also involve several other sources, the delay can be cascaded.

Certainly it is not to be hoped for. And the hope remains that this and other similar situations will be resolved, or at least taken into consideration, as soon as possible to avoid the deterioration of the relationship between the citizen and the financial administration.

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