Many Nestlé products are not good for your health, the company admits: here are which ones

Many Nestlé products are not good for your health, the company admits: here are which ones
Many Nestlé products are not good for your health, the company admits: here are which ones

The Nestlé case breaks out.

And the Financial Times to report the sensational revelation: a document until now remained private in which the Swiss multinational Nestle (colossus for drinks, sweets and ice cream), it accuses itself of producing unhealthy foods.

Here it is what are the foods of Nestlé which are not good for your health.

Nestlé products that hurt: figures in hand

The system used internationally to understand if a food can be considered healthy or not is one scale ranging from one to five which is used by major multinational organizations to evaluate their products.

To date, in fact, according to this system of evaluation of healthy and wholesome foods, only a little more than a third of the foods and beverages produced by Nestle seems to have obtained a score of at least 3.5 (pass) out of a total of 5 points.

The score of 3.5 is precisely the minimum threshold for a food on the market to be considered “quite“Healthy and, according to the study, the 99% of ice creams and more than 60% of the entire range of confectionery products marketed by the company does not exceed the sufficiency.

The same goes for the flavored waters e milk-based foods: many of these products do not exceed the threshold of sufficiency on the scale of healthy products for human health and the same is true for some of Nestlé’s dairy products.

What Nestlé says about products that are not good for your health

Nestlé aims for improvement of the range of products it offers to its consumers. This means continuing the studies already started on “health” so that even snacks and sweets are considered healthier for humans than they are now.

“We have made significant improvements to our products”, Is declared by the multinational, but – the company’s statement continues Nestle – the range offered to customers is still below those that are the “definitions in terms of health“, Both from a regulatory point of view and towards consumers themselves.

However, Nestlé declares that some products or categories of products can never be considered totally “healthy”, even if they try any kind of innovation to improve their quality. Despite this, we will work to improve.

Indeed, Nestle he recalls that only in the last seven years it has already taken steps to reduce the sugars and sodium contained in its products by an amount equal to 14-15% and that it will continue along this line of market improvement.

Which Nestlé products are not good for your health

The Financial Times he did not go out of his way by publishing a specific list of Nestlé foods that have been declared unhealthy and therefore not good for you. The publication of a black list of foods that are bad it would probably have been too much for the company.

The department most cited on the low marks received, however, is that of ice cream and confectionery. Among them, the famous is included KitKat and not only that: according to Nestlé’s own report, one of the least healthy products would be Nesquik strawberry flavored. This product is mostly sold in the United States and is advertised as “perfect for children’s breakfast”Despite the 14 grams of sugar it contains.

The presentation also mentions products such as the DiGiorno frozen pizza and the orange drink with the San Pellegrino brand. DiGiorno pizza contains, in fact, 40% of the daily quantity of sodium, while theSan Pellegrino orange soda a quantity of sugar equal to 7 grams per 100 ml.

However, pet food, products for children and babies, food supplements and coffee were excluded from the evaluations and studies carried out.

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