The biggest scams related to buying a used car

The biggest scams related to buying a used car
The biggest scams related to buying a used car

Buying a new car is not always easy for a motorist, especially if the budget available does not allow it; but not only that, there are those who use the car little or not have great needs regarding the vehicle and therefore decide to buy a used car.

In this case it is possible save also a lot of money, while still finding well-fitted vehicles with acceptable mileage; obviously, as with the brand new car, it all depends on the real needs of the buyer and his tastes. One thing to watch out for though is not to run into them scams. Unfortunately, in fact, buying a used car, unless you decide to rely on the most trusted and consolidated companies, could prove to be a very delicate operation and subject to scams by malicious people.

In this regard, a study was recently published that highlights what they are the most common scams related to the purchase of a used car. The research was conducted by CarVertical, which has decided to analyze over a million reports on the history of cars for a year (exactly from April 2020 until April 2021). Data from different countries were used, including Belarus, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria.

Most of the scams related to buying used cars are about damage reported by the vehicle purchased. In 31% of cases, in fact, the second-hand car chosen arrives to its buyer damaged, with problems suffered during its history, at times properly arranged, other times instead ‘to the good’.

Another of the most common scams, and it is not the first time we talk about it (in Italy, unfortunately, it often happens) is the one related to mileage tampered with, exactly one machine out of 6 has encountered this problem, which among other things causes the price of used cars to rise a lot.

Unfortunately, another widespread scam concerns theft, since many used cars put up for sale are unfortunately stolen; about 2,000 cars have even been identified as Taxis or Rental Cars, newly painted to look like ordinary cars for resale. One thing to pay particular attention to is the price, if it is too low, be wary, because unfortunately in most cases you are coming across a scam.

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