He receives two bills worth thousands of euros, but the costs include 29 sims never requested

He receives two bills worth thousands of euros, but the costs include 29 sims never requested
He receives two bills worth thousands of euros, but the costs include 29 sims never requested

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02 June 2021 3:30 pm

First they received an invoice of about 2 thousand and 200 euros containing the costs of 9 sims of a telephone operator never requested. Then, when everything seemed to be settled, another bill arrived, over 3 thousand euros, and this time the unsolicited sims reached 29.

The story

In short, not even the Avapo Onlus of Venice remains unscathed from the unwelcome surprises that the world of telephony often reserves (as well as that of electricity and gas supplies), demonstrating that the problems in this sector do not look anyone in the face. The story – which now, after several unsuccessful attempts by those directly involved, has passed into the hands of the legal office of the Adico – can be surreal at times. According to the report of the Avapo representatives, a reality made up of volunteers who assist terminally ill cancer patients, everything begins in mid-February when a bill of 2,263 euros arrives at the Castello headquarters. The amount concerns the use of 29 SIM cards, 20 of which are actually in the hands of as many volunteer doctors and nurses, 9 instead have never been requested. The Avapo representatives then contact the telephone company, go to the shop in the shopping center, and dispute the sums contained in the bill, receiving reassurances from the seller: the costs of the 9 unsolicited sims will be reversed in the next invoice.

The epilogue

All right, then, they will say. Instead, in April, another invoice arrives at Avapo di Castello, this time for 3,137 euros. And here, surprise, in addition to the nine sims to be canceled, there are 20 other unsolicited ones, in addition to the usual 20 actually used by the association’s volunteers. In short, 49 cards instead of twenty. The situation becomes surreal and difficult to resolve and so the representatives of the non-profit organization decide to contact Adico. «We immediately wrote to the company – explains Carlo Garofolini, president of the consumers’ association – to request the immediate deactivation of the new numbers as well as the correction of the invoices issued. There remains the regret for a situation that has dragged on for months and that could have been resolved in a few minutes. Moreover, in this case, the victims of the disservice are the volunteers of a much appreciated reality that assists people in the terminal state. For them we should have an extra eye ».


receives bills worth thousands euros costs include sims requested

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