Vaccines, another 2.5 million doses on the way. The plan to face the race of young people to immunity

Lazio pushes on the accelerator with over 40 thousand graduates booked for vaccination. But that’s not the only case. L’South Tyrol, two weekends ago, he organized the “Open Vax Day & Night” in various locations in the autonomous province, appointments complete with DJs open to the over 18. A success there too.

Day after day, the audience of the under 40s, ready to jump towards the return to normalcy, which, for many, passes strictly through the vaccine, is expanding. From tomorrow, however, the categories disappear and the pace of bookings will be without priority, so each territorial body (Regions and Provinces) will have the right to open the lists to all age groups: from 12 years upwards after the green light of Aifa to the administration to the youngest. There Sardinia, for example, has just announced that from Friday it will be the turn of those born from 2004 onwards. The Veneto from 12 to 39 years. And the Piedmont has already set an Open day for next Saturday for those aged 18 to 28. Examples of how Italy is moving.

People under 30 will have a reluctance towards vaccination – warns the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Silerthe. “So we should take the vaccination to the places most frequented by young people. For example, discos, holiday areas, where you least expect it.” His statements were made to Metropolis, the Repubblica podcast hosted by Gerardo Greco, available on our website.

The open days taken by storm

Those who feared a flop have changed their minds in recent weeks. The open days were often a success, from North to South, especially for the participation of the under 40s. In some cases, above expectations. However, as in the case of Bologna, there were also moments of tension where thousands of people – mostly young people – were already in line at dawn this morning. A real assault on the Fair for the first Open Day in the region with 1,200 J&J doses then doubled in order to expand the audience – and calm the spirits – which has grown by the hour. The most numerous, the under 40s who had gone to the Bologna hub in the night to be vaccinated.

Vaccini, assault on the Bologna Open Day: thousands of boys lined up from the night, chaos, shoving and carabinieri

02 June 2021

The incoming doses

Another 2.5 million doses of vaccines, in addition to Pfizer’s 3.5 million already in distribution, will arrive this week. And today about 370 thousand doses of Johnson & Johnson should be delivered to the Pratica di Mare hub, tomorrow over 1.7 million of AstraZeneca and on Friday almost 400 thousand of Moderna. A good package to meet the demands.

And if last Thursday the Gimbe Foundation had pointed out that at the moment it seems “unrealistic to have all the doses foreseen in the plan” for three reasons (“the irregular deliveries from AstraZeneca, the very few doses delivered by J&J which announced further delays, the non-presentation of the application for authorization to Ema by CureVac “), yesterday General Figliolo announced that June will be the month of the” shoulder to the virus thanks to vaccinations “, with 20 million total doses arriving. And others will come, the entourage of the extraordinary commissioner assured.

From tomorrow vaccines without priority, this is how the Regions are moving in the race for immunity

by Michele Bocci

02 June 2021

The doses

The doses distributed so far to the Regions throughout Italy have been close to 40 million (39,958,409), and up to this morning 35,435,853 have been administered, equal to 88.7% of the total distributed, with 12,294,543 people (the 22.66% of the population over 12) who have completed the vaccination cycle and to these must be added about another 11 million Italians who have already received the first dose.

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