Farewell car stamp, the bill arrives to eliminate it

The bill that provides for the elimination of the car tax has been brought to the attention of Mario Draghi and the Government. Is it time to say goodbye to the hated tribute?

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Taxes are generally not popular with citizens but the car tax it is one of the most hated tributes by motorists throughout Italy. Its elimination took place in other European countries and rumors of a possible abolition have also arrived in our peninsula several times. The rumors, so far, have not turned into facts but, perhaps, this time it is serious. The bill has reached Mario Draghi and the Government and unfortunately concerns only part of the stamp, the super stamp.

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The proposed law on the elimination of the Super Stamp

The requests of total abolition of the car tax were never accepted. The objective has therefore changed and the latest bill arrived on the table of the institutions calls for the elimination of the super stamp, the part of the car tax that provides for an integration of the tax for owners of cars with higher fiscal power. ai 185 kw. In this way, an attempt is being made to restore a market, that of luxury cars, which in times of pandemic has economically lost numerous revenues.

Alongside the request for partial abolition of the stamp, the proposal for a total deduction of VAT for the purchase of company machines for Italian companies.

The final decision is in the hands of the government and it will probably take a few months to know the result.

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The importance of the car tax for the government


The decision not to eliminate, even partially, the car tax was dictated by reasons strictly economic. The super stamp, in particular, represents an important income that the government will hardly decide to give up. Sports and luxury cars, which are waging war in favor of electric cars, generate high revenues, are an unparalleled economic resource. Suffice it to say that if in Germany the stamp to be paid by the owner of a Mercedes AMG GT R motorized with the 4,000 biturbo is 500 euro, in Italy for the same car you pay a stamp duty of almost 7 thousand euros with super stamp that amounts to 5 thousand euros.


Farewell car stamp bill arrives eliminate

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