Ater: 37 properties for sale

Ater: 37 properties for sale
Ater: 37 properties for sale

The Ater therefore publishes online the notice of sale with the prescriptions, the list of properties with the main data, including the estimated price, and for each accommodation a technical report, a photographic representation and the cadastral plan, the all easily accessible through the new site that Ater has activated a few weeks ago and which allows more streamlined procedures for users and more generally for citizens. The necessary forms can also be downloaded from the site.

For each property you wish to visit, you can submit an expression of interest form, upon payment of the flat rate reimbursements indicated, by 12 noon on 18/6/2021. The deadline for submitting the next irrevocable purchase proposal at the estimated price will be communicated to those who have expressed interest and published on the Ater website. Priority is given to those who are in the ranking for the assignment of subsidized housing (letter a art. 21 c.4 DPReg. 208/16), but anyone can apply (letter b cited norm). In the case of several purchase proposals for the same property between those enrolled in the ranking (letter a) or between natural or legal persons (letter b), we will proceed with upward bids.

The area

Most of the properties are located in buildings where the majority of the apartments are privately owned and no longer managed by ATER. They are located in various areas of the city in via Biasoletto, Campi Eisi, Strada di Fiume, via Carsia, dell’Eremo, Timmel, Forlanini, Gortan, Grego, Locchi, Umago, Navali, Maovaz, Monte Peralba, Palmanova, Pitacco, Sinico, Solferino, Vigneti, Zoruttti and in the locality of Santa Croce. Some properties, with no or partial usability, are for sale in via Colautti, Costalunga, Fiordalisi, Gigante, dei Porta and Locchi. All detailed information is published on the website.

In the folder of each accommodation (downloadable from the web), as mentioned, in addition to the photographic representation and the cadastral plan, a technical report is also indicated. For example, for an apartment of about 70 square meters in via Forlanini, the value is 61 thousand euros, about 50 square meters in via Pitacco are 48 thousand euros, for 125 thousand euros in via Locchi an apartment of 90 square meters. The information indicates the composition of the accommodation, as well as various characteristics, such as the presence of an elevator or a condominium parking lot.

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