new victory, over 77 thousand euros on the way

new victory, over 77 thousand euros on the way
new victory, over 77 thousand euros on the way

Two new favorable rulings have been received regarding the Q / P series postal savings bonds obtained before the Turin Banking Arbitrator. The story involved two savers: one from Liguria and the other from Piedmont who managed to obtain a total of over 77 thousand euros. Here is more information about it.

Two new wins for Q / P series postal savings bonds

Holders of two postal savings bonds of the Q / P series issued in 1988 had asked Poste Italiane to be recognized the interests indicated behind the securities. This was following a modification with the Ministerial Decree of 1986 and the affixing of the stamp that Poste Italiane had inserted behind the table with the new yields. However, the intermediary did not want to claim that it had acted correctly in line with the Ministerial Decree. The two, assisted by the lawyer Alberto Rizzo from Bra (a jurist expert in the field of banking and postal law) therefore decided to appeal to the ABF.

Abf decision Q / P series postal savings bonds

The Turin Board of the Banking Arbitrator carefully analyzed the savings bonds and with two different decisions established the prevalence of what is reported above in the securities with respect to the amendments with the 1986 Ministerial Decree. as it provided for the new interests only for the first 20 years of validity. On the other hand, it did not establish anything about what to pay to savers for the last ten years of the life of the securities.
With the two rulings, therefore, Poste Italiane was ordered to reimburse the holders of the securities, the interest shown behind the table for the years from the 21st to the 30th year and not that recognized by the intermediary.

So the two have cars in total more than 77 thousand euros: 60 thousand in one appeal and 17 thousand euros for the other appeal.

Q / P series postal savings bonds: the solution to the problem

For the lawyer from Bra Alberto Rizzo both are important decisions for all who own postal savings bonds of the Q / P series and have obtained lower yields than expected. He therefore invites them or whoever is in possession of a security issued after 1986 to have it examined. This is to understand if there is the possibility of receiving a higher amount than that issued by Poste Italiane. The vouchers already collected can also be examined as long as they are not prescribed or ten years have elapsed from their expiry.
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victory thousand euros

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