Scratch and win, before work in the lucky bookies: 200 thousand euros

The ticket purchased before work, from 3 euros. The win that gives serenity to tranquility. The reactions in the village.

The payout comes this time from Gravedona, in the province of Como. Li, the lucky winner, managed, with a 3 euro ticket, to scratch the great amount of 200mila EUR. A really scratch card lucky, before going to work, before diving into habitual existence. A stroke of luck that is perhaps capable of breaking that habit, that cyclical repetition of events. A figure that certainly does not upset our lives, but can certainly improve it.

The betting shop where the win occurred is the Comedy Cafe, very well known in the town, already the scene of numerous wins and near misses. In January, for example, a very lucky bettor managed to win the beauty of 60mila euro thanks to a system at the Superenalotto. Always, there, always a system for a game at the Superenalotto, the same one told before, has touched the win incredible 88 million euros.

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Scratch cards, a coffee before work and sudden luck: 16 thousand euros net

Lucky ticket

“This is not a resident, but an occasional customer who passes through here when he goes to the hospital – says the owner, Moreno Poncia – What to say? He made a big bang: with a 3 euro ticket he achieved the maximum payout: 200 thousand euros gross, which the State taxes on 20%; in the end, however, they are 160 thousand euros net. Obviously he didn’t believe it either and it seems understandable to me ”.

In short, the country remains a lot satisfied of the winnings that occurred on its territory, as it happened previously. Too bad though, for what it matters, that the winner is not a resident, but a passing person. In any case, everyone seems happy for the winner, beyond his residence.

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The Scratch and win in short, continues to give enormous satisfaction. The game increasingly rich in variants and types of competition is increasingly imprinted in the habits and images of Italians, who often find him a worthy coffee partner. A ticket, morning coffee, and the wish of so much, so much luck.

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