Iliad Mystery: will it be able to reshape the offers “forever”? The operator denies it, but it is better to be careful

Iliad has made the fight against the operators who carry out the reshaping – that is the unilateral modifications of the contracts that change the conditions of the contracts and, often, raise the prices – a workhorse. Now, however, one. modification of the contractual conditions seems to open a window for the recourse to, at least partial, changes.

The new conditions of Iliad offers

The new general conditions of the contract in force since 25 May involve the most recent offers: the Flash 120, the Giga 120 and the Giga 80. All previous ones, including the introductory offers of 5.99 euros and 6.99 euros, are not affected by these new conditions.

What changes? A simple sentence.

Article 9, concerning contractual amendments, states that for “justified reasons“, including supervening technical, economic or organizational needs and changes in the economic framework, Iliad reserves the right to make changes to the contract, including the economic conditions. Up to now, the new general conditions are identical to those in force previously.

If earlier, however, Iliad emphasized that changes in economic conditions were excluded “those relating to offers explicitly applied ‘Forever‘”, now specifies that the”monthly rate of offers explicitly applied ‘Forever’“.

The general conditions in force for the old Iliad offers
The general conditions of the contract in force from 25 May 2021

The difference may seem trivial; in reality, hides a small pitfall. In specifying that the monthly rate does not change, Iliad has in fact made possible a different case: the operator could review, for example, the quantity of Giga included in the offer or the quantity of SMS and minutes of calls proposed. The monthly price would remain the same, exactly as specified in the contract; but Iliad would still have revised the conditions: the contract would allow it.

Contacted by, Iliad categorically denied, stressing that the company does not intend to reshape the offers labeled as “Forever” and that the novelty is only a further specification that this will not happen. For the moment it can be trusted.

On balance, however, the situation was much clearer before: no aspect of the “Forever” offers could be changed, period. Having specified that the monthly rate is the only aspect that Iliad will not remodel has raised an alarm bell: when a legal department adds a line or even just a word to its text, it never does it by chance or even for love of good syntax. We’ll see.

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