De Monte: “Let’s lower the tone, I have no problem stepping aside”

De Monte: “Let’s lower the tone, I have no problem stepping aside”
De Monte: “Let’s lower the tone, I have no problem stepping aside”

UDINE. «The events of recent days have placed me in a condition of absolutely unwanted media visibility, I am not here looking for more or less hidden reasons; I am here to ask for a stop to this spiral of sensationalism far from the greater sobriety that the drama of the situation requires ». And again: “If then my figure were to be an obstacle and considered counterproductive, I have no problem stepping aside, I am absolutely not glued to the chair.”

He begins by asking for a break, explains why he has not yet been vaccinated, focuses on the contribution he can make to Sores and closes by declaring himself available to take a step back if his presence proves counterproductive. This is the reply from Amato De Monte, the director of the Anesthesia and Reanimation Department of the Central Friuli University Healthcare Company, since yesterday also the new director of the Emergency Sores Regional Operations Center, where he was called by ARcs, suspending the competition, until July 31 to support, for two days a week, the outgoing primary and from August to May 31 2023 full-time.

“The situation created risks creating disorientation and mistrust of a health system that has built a wall against Covid in these very hard months. We need everything except to feed situations that can make it clear that among health workers there are positions of dispute and confrontation fueled by personalisms and extra-health issues “continues the director in thanking patients, ordinary people and colleagues, all those who they bring “innumerable manifestations of affection and esteem”.

And entering into the merits of vaccination, he adds: «I am absolutely not against vaccinations but it is also true that I have not done so at the moment, despite having spent the last eight months in the Covid intensive care units which proved to be the most demanding. I am awaiting vaccination because I have not yet been able to dispel doubts about my current state of health and about the possible relapses I could have, but this does not mean that I have never tried to dissuade patients or collaborators from undergoing the vaccine “.

With regard to the Sores appointment, De Monte reiterates that “at the end of the critical phase of the pandemic emergency I considered making myself available to make my contribution to improving the regional emergency system, also based on the experiences gained in this year of intense emergency “.

And in underlining that he has no political cards, that he interfaced with at least nine regional health councilors, that he feels he is a doctor to the core and respectful of Hippocratic principles, De Monte invites “everyone, and me first, to tone down and unite cohesively to go towards a common goal. And if my figure were to get in the way and considered counterproductive, I have no problem stepping aside, I’m not glued to the chair ».

Among the people who have expressed solidarity with De Monte is the deputy Renzo Tondo. It does so by criticizing the questions presented by the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party, Beatrice Lorenzin and Tatjana Rojc.

“When you have the syndrome of the top of the class you tend to overdo it” says Tondo according to whom Rojc and Lorenzin, instead of asking the minister about why De Monte did not get vaccinated, “it would have been enough to inquire about the work of the head physician. Whole days in intensive care with hundreds of patients treated with passion and professionalism ».

If they had done so, “the two parliamentary colleagues – continues Tondo – would have realized that those who were lucky enough to have been treated by De Monte could tell another story with respect to the exploitation in progress”.

The National Board of Directors of the Association of hospital anesthetists (Aaroi Emac), on the other hand, wrote to the President of the Region, Massimiliano Fedriga, to “express the clearest opposition” to the suspension of the competition to appoint De Monte to the Sores “with a regional act issued by authority “.

The Aaroi reserves the right to express opposition “with the most incisive initiatives in the ways it deems most suitable, and in the places it deems most appropriate, to any hypothesis, which in the specific case reserves the right to verify, for what is necessary, any failure compliance with contractual rules for the assignment of public offices subject to insolvency procedures “.

And refraining from any consideration that could invade the personal health sphere of anyone, Aaroi dwells on the declarations of the director of Arcs, Giuseppe Tonutti, according to whom “De Monte is waiting for a new vaccine”, and manifests “the bewilderment of not to be able to understand on what basis of scientific evidence – if it refers to a vaccine already in production in the world but not available in Italy -, or of future scientific expectations – if it refers to a vaccine not yet produced – this expectation may be based “. Next week, confirms the president Gian Luigi Tiberio, the disciplinary commission of the Order of Doctors of Udine will also analyze the situation.

Barbara Puschiasis, the president of Consumatori Attivi, makes it known that the association «did not participate in any way in the“ petition ”in support of De Monte, with undisputed competence and professionalism. This initiative was promoted by various health professionals and citizens who wanted to testify to the great value of health care ». Among these, the vice president of the association, who intervened on a personal basis.

“On the direct appointment as director of the Sores and on the non-fulfillment of the vaccination obligation – explains Puschiaris -, the association asks that clarity be made and that, despite the excellent professionalism of De Monte, the rules are applied and the procedure respected without create inequality of treatment “.

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