Alfa Romeo Palade, new name for the SUV of the Biscione – Auto World

Alfa Romeo Palade, new name for the SUV of the Biscione – Auto World
Alfa Romeo Palade, new name for the SUV of the Biscione – Auto World

The future of Alfa Romeo it will revolve around two new SUVs, Tonale and a second mysterious model resulting from the technological synergies within Stellantis. The much discussed B-SUV of the Biscione will be born in Poland, in the Tychy plant, a turning point for the Italian brand that had never before produced a car outside the national borders. What will be the third model with high wheels for the Arese brand could be called Alfa Romeo Palade and not Brennero as it rebounded several times over the past few months.

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To anticipate the indiscretion was the specialized magazine Carscoops which hypothesized this denomination ideally following the one already used by the Biscione for the other two SUVs, both identifiable with the name of a mountain pass. The new Alfa Romeo Palade should take advantage of the platform eCMP of PSA, which has already been the basis for several sedans and SUVs of the French group, including Peugeot 208 and 2008, DS 3 Crossback and Opel Corsa and Mokka. Just with the electric version of Peugeot’s high-wheeled model, the new car from the Arese automaker is expected to share the powertrain. In fact, Palade will not only be Alfa Romeo’s third SUV but also Alfa Romeo’s first full electric model. The engine should be capable of delivering 134hp, paired with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

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All should be supported by a 50 kWh battery which should be able to guarantee a range of 320 km. The choice of Jean-Philippe Learned to request more power and performance from the plug-in hybrid version of Tonale however, it would suggest that even in the case of the Palade, Alfa Romeo could opt for more performing solutions, perhaps combined with rear-wheel drive with two combined engines, one per axle. We will have to wait until 2023 to see Alfa Romeo’s baby SUV on the road even if already this year we could have concrete indications on what the name will be: Palade or Brennero it does not matter, it will be essential that the third model with high wheels is in able to revive the fortunes of the Biscione.


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