Bologna, crowds and tensions at the open day for the J&J vaccine

Mileage in Bologna, with many people, many young people, already on the spot from the early hours of the morning, even violating the curfew, to secure a place. Not for a concert but to get a dose of the Covid vaccine. June 2 is in fact the day of first ‘open day’ of vaccines free for all in Emilia-Romagna.

Everyone can access the region’s vaccination hubs with no reservations or age restrictions. At the vaccination center of the capital set up at the Fair, the open day concerns only the vaccine Johnson&Johnson, with 1200 doses available.

Open day in Bologna, kilometer line for the vaccine

For this reason many Bolognese on the day of the Republic Day stormed the vaccination hub from the first light of dawn, the first seems already from the previous evening. Among them many young people, who aim to make the single-dose vaccine and then be able to go on vacation.

According to Corriere della Sera reports, at six in the morning, two hours before the opening of the center, they were already over five thousand people lined up, three times the doses available, a long human snake that winds from the square in front of the hub along via Aldo Moro, via Stalingrado and via Calzoni.

All without a great organization: no one to control the queue, so much so that there were several moments of tension between insults, shoves and quarrels. The first arrivals, about 500, tried to organize themselves, writing their order of arrival on a piece of paper.

The police were absent, at least in the early hours. The first two traffic police arrived on the spot shortly after 8. Other local police personnel were added later, together with the carabinieri.

Seeing the kilometer row, with far more people than available doses, some gave up, but most of the people in line stayed.

Open day in Bologna, double the doses

The Bologna Local Health Authority intervened doubling the doses available for this day: “To cope with the long queue that has arisen since the early hours of the morning, the Local Health Authority of Bologna provides an additional 1200 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine for a total of 2400 doses“.

“It is recommended – reads the press release – to respect the order of the queue according to the arrival time and please avoid any gathering once the assignment of accesses for the first 2400 arrivals has been completed”.

“Once availability is over, it is recommended not to show up during the day to avoid unnecessary waiting and gatherings. The Usl company of Bologna will organize shortly other open days to respond to the great support of citizens “.

Mayor Virginio Merola, in the square for the celebrations of the Republic Day, he apologized on behalf of all for the disorganization of this day.

Virgil News | 02-06-2021 12:49

Photo source: ANSA

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