Amazon supports the legalization of marijuana in the US

Amazon supports the legalization of marijuana in the US
Amazon supports the legalization of marijuana in the US

Change of course of Amazon about marijuana. The e-commerce giant said on Tuesday it supports a US bill on the legalization of cannabis. In a post on the official blog, Inc also announced that it will change some requirements for candidates for open positions, after receiving sharp criticism especially in the state of New York City.

Amazon in favor of marijuana legalization

Public e-commerce policy will actively support the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (the so-called MORE Act), which aims to legalize marijuana federally and cancel criminal records. In the US, several states have already done so, but under federal legislation, marijuana is still a classified substance.

We hope that other employers will join us, and that politicians will act quickly to get this law passedClark said.

At the moment, does not allow the sale of cannabis through its own portal, but the situation could change with legalization.

Amazon, stop to cannabis positivity test

In the post on the company blog, Dave Clark, head of the consumer department, said that there will also be substantial changes in the internal policy of the company.

In the past, like many employers, we have disqualified people who wanted to work at Amazon if they tested positive for marijuana use”Wrote Clark. “However, as state laws progress in the United States, we have changed direction“, he added.

Only candidates for positions regulated by the Department of Transportation will be tested, Clark said.

On the threshold of Amazon Prime Day, the company also announced that it will change the system by which it measures worker productivity.

Currently, Amazon records the number of packages each warehouse worker can pick up, pack and ship per hour. If a worker takes a break from parcel scanning for too long, the Amazon system generates a warning, that can later lead to dismissal. According to Clark, the system was designed to identify problems in the tools available to workers and only secondarily to evaluate their performance.

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