From Servola to Chiadino: the Ater offers 37 empty apartments for sale

From Servola to Chiadino: the Ater offers 37 empty apartments for sale
From Servola to Chiadino: the Ater offers 37 empty apartments for sale

TRIESTE The Ater is selling 37 apartments located in different city districts: apartments of different sizes, which sometimes need a radical renovation and in some cases they have an open view and are surrounded by greenery.

The sale plan was drawn up after a careful assessment of the assets, identifying among the vacant apartments – there were about two thousand inherited from the new Board of Directors and put under the magnifying glass – which ones to redevelop and which ones to put on the market. An opportunity open to all citizens, and not only those who are in the ranking waiting for subsidized housing, but who still maintain priority.

The buildings that house the 37 apartments already have a majority of privately owned accommodations, no longer managed by Ater, and are located exactly in via Biasoletto, Campi Elisi, Strada di Fiume, via Carsia, dell’Eremo, Timmel , Forlanini, Gortan, Grego, Locchi, Umago, Navali, Maovaz, Monte Peralba, Palmanova, Pitacco, Sinico, Solferino, Vigneti, Zoruttti and in the locality of Santa Croce. Some properties, with no or partial accessibility, are on sale in via Colautti, Costalunga, Fiordalisi, Gigante, dei Porta and Locchi.

These are vacant housing, immediately available, even if in many cases they require adaptation to the technical systems. On the renewed Ater website ( it is possible to consult the notice of sale and thus find every detail on the individual apartments: the cadastral plan, the estimated price, a technical report, and a wide photographic documentation. which allows you to view the interiors and the context in which the building is inserted.

Thus you can find the 70 square meters on the fourth floor of a building at number 40 of Campi Elisi for 62 thousand euros, or a 100 square meter apartment in Santa Croce for 80 thousand. Smaller sizes are available, for example, in via Pitacco, where 50 square meters are offered at 45 thousand euros. According to the estimated prices, and without calculating there may be upward offers, Ater expects to collect over two and a half million from the sale of all 37 properties.

“We are waiting to close the catalog to understand where it is economically convenient to refurbish them and where it is better to alienate them, precisely to give a definitive change on the issue – explains the president of Ater Riccardo Novacco, recalling that out of 600 apartments already inspected, over 200 have been refurbished. regime. “So – he adds – we proceeded with the new sales plan, which was drawn up considering the cadastral value, then calculating a minimum percentage discount to incentivize the sale”.

Novacco then anticipates that “the proceeds will be reused in the maintenance activity, since this absorbs most of the budget resources”.

But how should anyone who wants to buy one or more properties in alienation move? You need to express your interest in submitting an offer by sending the form in charge and available on the Ater website by 12 noon on 18 June. If the interest is aimed at more than one accommodation, the expression of interest for each individual property must be sent, attaching an identity document. In the event that a visit to the property is requested, a reimbursement of expenses of 20 euros plus VAT is foreseen, which become 40 euros plus VAT if it is a question of multiple accommodations that insist on the same street.

The deadline for submitting the subsequent irrevocable purchase proposal at the estimated price “will be communicated to those who have expressed an interest and published on the Ater website”, indicates the entity. As mentioned, those who are in the ranking for the assignment of subsidized housing have priority, but anyone can apply, and in the case of multiple purchase proposals for the same property among those enrolled in the ranking or between natural or legal persons , we will proceed with upward offers.


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