AstraZeneca is missing and many people have to go home without a second dose: controversy is flooding

AstraZeneca is missing and many people have to go home without a second dose: controversy is flooding
AstraZeneca is missing and many people have to go home without a second dose: controversy is flooding

ASCOLI – It is appropriate to say: here we go again. There vaccination campaign in Vast area 5 has undergone a sudden stop in the last few hours for the same reason that has been going on for months: the lack of vaccines. We have already written about the shortage of doses of Astrazeneca, a circumstance that led to the postponement of recalls for many people, while only in the late afternoon of yesterday, with the arrival of some stocks, vaccination with vaccines was resumed Pfizer e Johnson. However, it should be considered that the doses sent yesterday are reduced and many have been set aside, at least as regards Pfizer, for the recalls.


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According to the Ascoli District, it is estimated that more than a hundred people, who were to receive the second dose of Astrazeneca, have been sent home and will be recalled as soon as doses of the vaccine arrive, which are expected no earlier than tomorrow. Hence the protests of many citizens, notified by text message only the evening before the appointment and which resulted in a very harsh intervention by the deputy leader of the Democratic Party in the Region, Anna Casini.

“From the complaints – writes Casini – I received this morning (yesterday for the reader, ed), evidently there was yet another chaos in the vaccination points in the Vast Area 5. For days I have learned from the newspapers that the doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine and therefore I presume that even the leaders of the Vast Area 5 were aware of it, however, the latter decided to notify the citizens only late yesterday evening, that they should have made the call this morning, by sms ( without verification of receipt) not taking into account that the SMS are not always read by the elderly and that many of them must be accompanied by family members, who work and who need to organize themselves in time “.

But Casini adds more: «It would also seem that in other areas of the Marche region there are doses for the calls of Astrazeneca. It would be useful to pay more attention to the organization of services because the vaccine is a right and all citizens must be placed in the best conditions to be able to receive it, which obviously often does not happen. Even those who work at the front of the vaccination points, often as a volunteer, must not be left alone to remedy the holes created by the management for lack of strategy and to face angry or worse lost citizens ”.

What is most worrying at the moment is the lack of doses of Astrazeneca and, this, because there are still many who have not joined the vaccination campaign. According to estimates by the Ascoli District for the over 80s, largely vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, the 90% threshold has been abundantly exceeded, reaching 92% for the over 70s, although the percentages, although more contained, are satisfactory with a rate adhesion ranging between 75% and 80%.

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