Coronavirus: 80 thousand Pfizer doses arrive, Sardinia accelerates on vaccines

Coronavirus: 80 thousand Pfizer doses arrive, Sardinia accelerates on vaccines
Coronavirus: 80 thousand Pfizer doses arrive, Sardinia accelerates on vaccines

Contagion curve remains stable, but there is an outbreak in the Nuorese area

CAGLIARI. A breath of fresh air for the vaccination campaign in Sardinia: 79 thousand doses of Pfizer arrived on the island, which were expected between 2 and 3 June. To these doses are added a further 10 thousand, also from Pfizer, which are already expected for today and which represent an advance of stocks compared to a delivery scheduled for 24 June.

In recent days Sardinia had suffered from the lack of this serum, the most used since the accessions for the over 40s were opened. Now it will be possible to go faster in the administrations, waiting for further supplies to arrive from the commissioner structure. Even yesterday, in fact, the vaccination campaign went ahead at a rate well below the potential of the hubs of the island: yesterday 11,915 administrations that bring the total inoculations to 906,770 out of 1,016,700 doses delivered, 89.2% of the total. To date, almost 16% of the Sardinian population is vaccinated with two doses to which is added a small part of residents who have received the single-dose Janssen serum.

And there is waiting for the signing of the agreement between the Region and Federfarma to kick off vaccinations in pharmacies, while the Ats awaits from Rome the formalization of the expansion of the campaign to everyone, without age group. In Oliena 270 doses have been administered thanks to the intervention of the army doctors and nurses and in Sant’Antioco 900 thousand people have received at least one dose as part of the national campaign to immunize the smaller islands by the summer.

In the meantime, the contagion curve remains stable with 36 cases of positive Covid-19, while there is only one death. There are 3,834 swabs carried out with a positivity rate that drops to 0.9%. Pressure in hospitals is also dropping. An outbreak, however, is recorded in Aritzo, in the Nuorese area, where mass screening was triggered after several infections among the students that led to 9 positives in a few days, while another 6 are in quarantine. (HANDLE).


Coronavirus thousand Pfizer doses arrive Sardinia accelerates vaccines

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