Intred brings fiber to 20 Brescia schools

Intred brings fiber to 20 Brescia schools
Intred brings fiber to 20 Brescia schools

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Intred accelerates on the front of the ambitious connection project of 4,500 schools Lombardy to the fiber optic network.

The project is part of the Infratel call for proposals worth 40 million euros over five years.

In the province of Brescia there are already 20 schools connected to the super-fast Internet line: 14 are located in Brescia city, 4 in Manerbio and 2 in Ghedi.

«The activation of the first 20 schools is a source of great satisfaction – he explains Daniele Peli, co-founder and CEO of the company listed on theAim of Piazza Affari – because it fully respects the objectives set in the plan agreed with Infratel. The result, not taken for granted above all due to the usual critical issues in obtaining the relative authorizations, is the result of a great team effort by Intred and Infratel who positively involved the local authorities, who fully understood the importance of the project. We are confident that the award of the Infratel call for tenders for schools can be a turning point in relations with the Public Administration, because it can allow the fiber network and the level of coverage of the territory to be extended with greater speed ».

The plano activation is very tight and provides for the connection of 680 Lombard schools by September 2021; 1,122 schools by December 2021; 2,735 schools by April 2022; 3,761 schools by April 2023 and the rest by April 2024.

Fibra a 1 Giga. “With this operation we will be able to accelerate the development of our network infrastructure throughout Lombardy and thus anticipate the coverage objectives”, comments and Peli.

The call for tenders launched by Infratel for Lombard schools provides for the supply of connections in optic fiber to a Gigabit and termination and security equipment, as well as the installation of wi-fi networks for part of the schools and the technical assistance and maintenance service.

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Intred brings fiber Brescia schools

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