Open day vaccines Bologna, assault on the Fair. Night in line and the Ausl doubles the doses

Open day vaccines Bologna, assault on the Fair. Night in line and the Ausl doubles the doses
Open day vaccines Bologna, assault on the Fair. Night in line and the Ausl doubles the doses

Bologna, 2 June 2021 – Assault on the Fiera oper vaccinal open day in Bologna. IS a wait that begins during the night that of hundreds of people, especially young people, in front of the entrance to the vaccinal hinterland, where from 8 to 19 today goes on stage the first vaccination open day in Emilia Romagna with 1,200 Johnson & Johnson doses available. And the Ausl, given the incredible turnout recorded has made available for the day today another 1,200 doses thus reaching 2,400 doses available. Even if, it seems clear from the first hours, there will not be any like that for all those who have responded en masse to the invitation.

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An assault that grows with the passing of the hours, until 6 o’clock circa there are already a thousand present waiting for two hours in advance. At 7, the queue became a snake and a real path of hope however, for those who queue along the procession that reaches via Calzoni, going up via Stalingrado.

The Open day vaccines point in Bologna on 2 June for over 18s

A wait that seems endless and that when the doors open, at 7.50, gives way to moments of excitement (VIDEO) on the threshold of the hub, where every distance jumps and access is confusing until 8.40, when The carabinieri arrive in an attempt to regulate the sometimes out of control situation.

“They were moments of panic – retraces Martina Lanzarini once entered the Fair pending administration -. I was already in line at 5 and before the opening of the doors approached everything had gone smoothly. But when they started getting in people have gone mad, with many arriving later who bypassed everyone and pushed their way. Like others, I had a panic attack “. In fact, since midnight, when the first in spite of the curfew had already taken their seats in front of the hub as the most important of the concerts, some had collected the list of arrivals, independently assigning the number to those present. However, once the doors are opened: “we have not been recognized and there anarchy started – so Lorenzo Busi, he too managed to earn a place in the Fair -. The open day is a wonderful initiative, which offers many young people an opportunity for which otherwise they would have had to wait a long time. However, when faced with management like this, everything takes a back seat ”.

Those present mostly complain the lack of surveillance and law enforcement to regulate the entrances (at 8.30 a patrol of the 112 of the provincial command arrived, ed). However, the reply by Renato Todeschini, coordinator of the vaccination hub during the open day is dry: “there is also a question of civility to deal with. It is good that some had wanted to independently provide a numbered list, but if the same respect that is made of it is what we have witnessed, maybe it’s better than the open day experience remains limited to today’s date. It was not possible to predict with certainty such a high adhesion – continues the contact person Ausl -. But having taken note of a long queue, we immediately took action to increase the vaccine doses available, which during the day will be doubled from 1200 to 2400. Plater the staff will check the last in line to communicate to the rest that for today it will be impossible to receive the dose ”.

The response from the Healthcare Company is ready: “Today great participation on the occasion of the first open day vaccinale in Bologna at the Hub of the Fair – writes the Bologna Ausl in a press release -, on a symbolic date for the country: the Republic Day. To cope with the long queue that has been created since the early hours of the morning, the Usl Company of Bologna provides a further 1,200 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine for a total of 2400 doses. It is recommended to respect the order of the queue according to the arrival time and please avoid any gathering once the assignment of accesses for the first 2,400 arrivals has been completed. Once availability is over, it is recommended not to show up during the day to avoid unnecessary waiting and gatherings. The Usl company of Bologna will soon organize other open days to respond to the great adhesion of citizens.

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