Saturday 3 April, V-day in Bergamo: about 3,000 vaccines for citizens over 80

The three Asst – Pope John XXII, East Bergamo and West Bergamo – will proceed with 2,920 inoculations between first and second dose.

It will be a “V-day”, explains the Ats of Bergamo: a day entirely dedicated to vaccinations for citizens “over 80”, with about 3,000 administrations scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday 3 April, in the Bergamo area. The three Asst – Pope John XXII, East Bergamo and West Bergamo – will in fact proceed with 2,920 inoculations between first and second dose. Here is the detail, communicated by ATS, of the vaccination centers open on Saturday 3 April and of the scheduled administrations, divided by first dose / second dose.


Sant’Omobono: 73 Pfizer-1, 143 Pfizer-2
St. John White: 82 Pfizer-1, 180 Pfizer-2
Bergamo Fair: 193 Pfizer-1, 207 Pfizer-2


Spirano: 22 Pfizer-1, 332 Pfizer-2
Antegnate: 8 Modern-1; (+ 491 of the Sanitary Cordon).
Dalmine: 272 Pfizer-1 (+ a hundred in the course of a call thanks to the collaboration of the Municipalities and Areas that have reported names of Elderly people not yet reached by the SMS or by the call from the call center)


Clusone: 288 Modern-1;

144 Pfizer-1
Chiuduno: 256 Modern-2; 176 Pfizer-1; 544 Pfizer-2
The number of vaccinations scheduled for Saturday in Asst Bergamo Ovest, still explains the Ats, is slightly lower than the other Asst as the Bergamo Ovest in the vaccination phase over 80 has almost run out of calls for this category of people.

Furthermore, Easter and Easter Monday do not stop the doses: the vaccination centers of Chiuduno and Clusone managed by Asst Bergamo Est will continue their activities also on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

The vaccination centers managed by Asst Papa Giovanni XXIII at the Bergamo Fair and Sant’Omobono guarantee vaccination activities also on Easter and Easter Monday, with a total of 955 first and second doses aimed at people over 80. The Asst emphasizes that with this further commitment is substantially completed by the administration of the first vaccination doses for the over eighty-year-olds.


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