282,158 doses in 24 hours

Despite everything, the vaccination campaign is taking off. Yesterday the administrations were 282,158, of which 198 thousand Pfizer doses, over 20 thousand Moderna and 63 thousand AstraZeneca. This is the highest figure since vaccinations started. In the previous two days the inoculated doses had been 248,517 and 234,232. General Figliuolo’s plan was to reach 300,000 doses already in the week from 17 to 23 March, but then – due to the usual lack of doses – the objectives had been revised downwards.

The goal, however, now seems to be one step away. It can be accelerated. The counter of the Ministry of Health marks 10,324,127 administrations with over 3.2 million people who have completed the vaccination cycle. Among the most virtuous regions and autonomous provinces are the Public Administration of Bolzano with 92.3% of the doses used, Veneto at 91.6% and Molise at 89.7%. On average, those over 80 vaccinated with at least one dose are 57.4% of the total.

Regions Doses administered Doses delivered %
Total 10.324.127 12.283.800 84.0%
P.A. Bolzano 108.317 117.375 92,3
Veneto 915.828 999.450 91,6
Molise 66.324 73.925 89,7
Valle d’Aosta 23.285 26.430 88,1
P.A. Trento 97.099 110.350 88
Emilia Romagna 876.625 1.026.960 85,4
Sicily 800.628 939.085 85,3
Tuscany 667.250 783.850 85,1
Friuli Venezia Giulia 232.981 274.055 85
Campania 861.398 1.015.915 84,8
Basilicata 97.433 115.085 84,7
Lazio 1.055.270 1.249.350 84,5
Umbria 147.515 175.555 84
Abruzzo 229.519 274.230 83,7
Piedmont 817.663 982.280 83,2
Lombardy 1.635.335 1.980.280 82,6
Market 271.539 333.610 81,4
Puglia 612.569 762.115 80,4
Liguria 297.011 375.880 79
Sardinia 241.855 311.270 77,7
Calabria 268.683 356.750 75,3

The target is now to rise to at least 300,000 doses per day, and then to reach 500,000 by the end of April. “We are continuing our round of verification so that the machine is ready when very soon we will have a further availability of vaccines” said today Commissioner Figliulo on the occasion of the visit to the vaccination hub of Cagliari, adding that “already today they are arriving at the nationally over 500 thousand Modern doses. Yesterday more than one million Pfizer delivered to all distribution points and between today and tomorrow over 1.3 million AstraZeneca. This will give new breath to the horns to be able to implement the plan in a coherent manner “.

“We must also increase the number of vaccinators”, explained the commissioner “we will have a meeting with the president of the Region (Sardinia, ed.) And all his staff to better check how to proceed. Surely general practitioners must do their part : here I say it and I thank them for what they do, but we must all do more together “.

Figliuolo therefore reiterated that the aim is to reach “500 thousand daily administrations by the end of April throughout the national territory, because obviously no citizen is left behind, we all go forward compact in the same way”. The Jonhons & Jonhson vaccine will be fundamental, arriving on April 19th. Italy expects to receive 7.3 million doses of the drug by the end of June, but it is not clear how they will be spread. In short, the unknowns are still many. But if nothing else, something begins to show.

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