Wall Street record, S & P500 over 4 thousand. Biden’s New Deal also gives confidence to Europe

Wall Street record, S & P500 over 4 thousand. Biden’s New Deal also gives confidence to Europe
Wall Street record, S & P500 over 4 thousand. Biden’s New Deal also gives confidence to Europe

Biden effect on European stock exchanges, which closed higher, almost all reaching the highs of the year. The mega-plan of over 2 trillion dollars presented by the American president has pushed Wall Street up, so much so that the S & P500 has violated the 4 thousand points for the first time in history, closing at 4,020 (+ 1.2%). The Nasdaq is also running (+ 1.76%), which thus recovers the weakness recorded in recent weeks and essentially caused by the rise in Treasury rates: today the 10-year rates are down to 1.67%.

Moreover, the president of the Fed of San Francisco, Mary Daly, has tried to dispel fears about possible inflationary flares, stating that the plan “will push growth, not inflation”. To corroborate the thesis were also the claims for unemployment, judged disappointing: the new weekly requests for subsidies have increased in the last week by 61,000 units to 719,000, beyond analysts’ expectations. In Europe, however, investors are still adopting an attitude of prudence, both in view of the long Easter weekend, and for doubts about the recovery, which could be postponed in time compared to that of other countries, such as the States, due to the slowness of vaccination plans. In addition, in many countries of the Old Continent the restrictions are extended to deal with the trend of infections from Covid-19. Milan ended trading with an increase of 0.25%, while the spread stood in the area of ​​95 points. The Milanese list did worse than the other squares, with the exception of Madrid which remained at the stake.


Pharmaceuticals, good St and Moncler run in Piazza Affari

At Piazza Affari, the pharmaceuticals shares stood out: Recordatii (+ 2.20%) and Diasorin (+ 2.16%) did well. Stmicroelectronics also moved up (+ 1.7%) in the wake of the tech sector in turmoil across Europe after the Taiwanese giant Tsmc announced its intention to invest 100 billion dollars over the next three years to expand its production capacity. of chips in light of the increased demand for new technologists. Moncler (+ 1.7%) was also popular, following the news that the closing of the acquisition of Stone Island took place. The other shares in luca Amplifon also did well (+ 2.1%). At this point, a new relaunch chapter opens up for the down jacket company. On the other hand, the last session of the week ended in the name of weakness for the holding Atlantia (-0.3%) after the presentation of the final offer for Autostrade per l’Italia by the consortium between Cdp Equity, Blackstone and Macquarie. He.

Pirelli still subdued, Tim too weak

Still sales on Pirelli & C (-0.2%) after the presentation of the new plan to 2023. According to analysts, however, the targets announced by the company are in line with the market consensus. “The 2022 targets point to an ebit between 816 and 884 million”, which is “still below the 2019 level of 917 million despite net cost efficiencies of 170 million total between 2021 and 2022”, note the Mediobanca experts. “Although Pirelli has a good track record in terms of restructuring – they add – reaching this level of efficiencies is quite challenging and the growth of competition in some markets could result in execution risks”. Piazzetta Cuccia experts confirm the “underperform” recommendation. Also weak in closing were Inwit (-0.7%) and Enel (-0.68%). Cnh Industrial gained 0.3% while investors are wondering on the one hand about the impact the Biden plan will have on the company, and on the other hand on the possible exercise of the “golden power” in the hypothesis of the sale of Iveco to Chinese Faw. At the bottom of the Telecom Italia price list (-0.4%) awaiting developments on the single network after the newco FiberCop began operations with the entry of Kkr and Fastweb.

Panaria flies after the launch of the takeover bid

The Panariagroups flew 22.8% to € 1.83 out of the main list, following the announcement of the takeover bid aimed at delisting the shares. In fact Finparia, the reference shareholder of the ceramics company headed by the Mussini family, has launched a takeover bid at a price of 1.85 euros, offering a premium of 20.8% compared to the values ​​before and 71, 1% on the average of the last six months. The offer concerns 11,788,406 shares, listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, which represent 25.99% of Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche. Finparia already holds over 69% of the capital. The securities of other parties acting with the bidder must also be deducted from the takeover bid (equal to 3.75%) and the treasury shares held by Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche (equal to 0.95%). In recent months, numerous takeover bids have been launched aimed at delisting the securities: from Carraro to Astm, up to Ima.

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