savings in smoke, that’s who risks – Libero Quotidiano

savings in smoke, that’s who risks – Libero Quotidiano
savings in smoke, that’s who risks – Libero Quotidiano

A revolution on deposits of Italians in the bank. The negativity of market rates will push lenders to press customers to invest accumulated liquidity. According to the most recent bulletin of Helphe explains the newspaper, “deposits from resident customers recorded a rise of 10.2% (approx 161 billion) “and at the same time the management costs of the same also increased, increased only in 2019 by 5,9 euro compared to the previous year.

Some institutions have already decided to close current accounts with too much money deposited in the absence of alternative strategies. Unicredit e Intesa Sanpaolo, explains Il Giornale, they are trying to promote investments such as money market funds “without commissions and performance targets in positive territory” (Unicredit). One way to discourage wild capital accumulation is to impose an inventory fee of € 33 per month for businesses with deposits over € 100,000.

As reported by Il Sole 24 ore, instead Fineco is contacting its account holders to announce the closure of deposits exceeding 100 thousand euros in the name of customers who do not have any type of investment or financing in progress. About 1,000 customers would be considered exclusively an “unsuccessful expense”. The alternative to closing? Invest the money in bonds, pension funds, actions or mutual funds. From February 5th Bper applies a “significant liquidity commission” for VAT numbers and companies with over 100 thousand euros on the account, Bnl instead, it charges account holders with an average balance of more than one million euros every quarter. Deutsche Bank relies heavily on equity investment to “make customers aware of the cost / benefit ratio” and the formula used by Banco Bpm to achieve “effective and prudent management of excess liquidity on current accounts”.

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