Ryanair offers Mid-August 2021: flights at bargain prices

Ryanair offers Mid-August 2021: flights at bargain prices
Ryanair offers Mid-August 2021: flights at bargain prices

Flight offers for summer 2021. Ryanair offers from June to October: very low prices and free date change

Ryanair takes you on vacation in summer 2021 at discounted prices

Ryanair thinks about holidays and after increasing the routes to Italy has launched one promotion on flights with very low prices to fly all over Europe in summer 2021. Booking your next summer holidays in advance really means saving a lot of money. The Ryanair offers they are in fact really tempting: even the period of August, usually the most expensive, is at bargain prices for very tourist destinations.

For the next summer season there is confidence – supported by the forecasts of the vaccination campaign and the seasonal trend of the virus – that the pandemic can be under control and therefore we can go on vacation. But in the hypothesis of changes or second thoughts Ryanair has fielded the option to change flight to zero which allows you to change your booking at no cost.

To save it is therefore convenient orplan your summer holidays right now. And if you are not convinced that Ryanair offers are so advantageous, just know that a return trip to Palma de Mallorca from Milan in the week of August costs just 32 euros.

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Ryanair offers summer 2021: how they work

Ryanair is the low cost airline that perhaps most of all always does a lot of promotions, but those who are accustomed to air offers know that often you have to extricate yourself between impossible dates, complicated returns and half-known destinations to be able to snatch a really low price.

This time instead Ryanair’s offer for summer 2021 it’s really exciting because dates and destinations are easily found. And these are not second-rate destinations where nobody ever goes, but places with a strong tourist attraction.

Of course, to take these flights at bargain prices you have to hurry. Flights start at 7.99 euros and are available until exhaustion and in any case until April 7, 2021. If your fear of planning your summer vacation is some last-minute rethinking or fear of new restrictions, don’t worry.

Ryanair has eliminated the surcharge on the date change and therefore for flights booked by June 31, the date change – to be made within 7 days of departure – is free. You would only pay for any difference between the two flights.

If to stop you is the hypothesis of a vaccination passport Ryanair has already announced that it will not ask for any such documents to board its aircraft. If anything, it will work between countries, but you can fly and enter another country even with a negative buffer.

Ryanair flight offers: promotions not to be missed

The Ryanair offers for summer 2021 they range between the over 200 destinations of the network between Italy, Europe and the destinations in Morocco and Israel and the new routes in Bosnia Herzegovina. It ranges between the capitals and seaside destinations such as the Balearic Islands, the Cyclades and the other Greek islands.

Offers relate flights between 1st June and 31st October and the availability of discounted prices vary on different days and periods. But even in the peak period of the season, that is Ferragosto, there are really offers at bargain prices.

From Milan Bergamo we leave for Palma de Mallorca.
Departure on 11 August and return on 15 August. Price? 16.99 one way and 16.99 one way back. Total 33.98. Do you want to stay a few more days? Well, you can come back on the 17th – and therefore enjoy the whole week of August 15th. The price of the return: just 25.32 euros.

Don’t you like August because you fear there are too many people? Then go to July: for the whole month both the outward and return journeys to Palma de Mallorca are at 14.99 euros.

Other destination: Chalk. A destination that is not very cheap, but that with Ryanair and its offers you can snatch at a really advantageous price. In fact, in July, starting on the 7th and returning on the 14th, you spend just 50.08.

Gold business then? Almost. Not all destinations have flights for every day and in some cases there are only for certain months (Ibiza for example is only on offer in October). In other cases there are good offers such as Athens from Rome in August for 40 euros one way, but that does not make your eyes roll. But with a little patience you can get a really low cost holiday.

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