A tumor then an allergy, the vaccine can wait: “You can do it for me too”

A tumor then an allergy, the vaccine can wait: “You can do it for me too”
A tumor then an allergy, the vaccine can wait: “You can do it for me too”
SAONARA. “Who can, as soon as he can, get vaccinated against Covid. Do not be selfish, do it also for me and for people like me, who with all their strength would like to get vaccinated, but cannot ». The appeal comes from Raffaella Coreggioli who, since last June, has been fighting cancer and who, due to a strong allergic reaction to a drug, has been forced for the moment to suspend the already scheduled administration of the vaccine.

But for her, still struggling with chemotherapy and with extremely reduced immune defenses, contracting Covid would mean running a very serious danger. Originally from Ferrara but resident in Tombelle di Saonara, until a few months ago promoter for a company that deals with dog food, passionate about nature photography and in particular about butterflies, Raffaella leads a normal life until last summer, when the sudden discovery a lump in the breast catapult into the dark world of disease.

“Unfortunately, the disease turned out to be so aggressive and fast as to surprise the doctors themselves,” he says. «I had to face two biopsies and then, in mid-October, an operation at Sant’Antonio. Finally I started the cycles of chemotherapy: they are necessary because the tumor discovered is of a very severe type, but at the same time they depress the immune defenses ».But for Raffaella the unpleasant surprises are not over, because during a chemo infusion the symptoms of an allergic reaction occur: shortness of breath, widespread redness, pain. Cortisone and antihistamines put it back on track but the appointment with the anti Covid vaccine, already set for mid-March, jumps to a later date. “In recent weeks, the fear of contagion has been added to the suffering”, continues Raffaella.

«In my condition I would have little chance of getting out of Covid well and I know that many people live my drama. Willpower can help you cope with cancer, but not the virus. This is why I turn to those who a priori refuse the vaccine and also to those who do not respect the rules, who do not use a mask, or who do not avoid gatherings: taking this situation lightly makes me risk their lives, and many others. Do not think only of yourself: I do not wish anyone to go over to my side of the fence “.––

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