Thirty former Ansaldo Breda workers will digitize the Leonardo-Finmeccanica archives

Thirty former Ansaldo Breda workers will digitize the Leonardo-Finmeccanica archives
Thirty former Ansaldo Breda workers will digitize the Leonardo-Finmeccanica archives

Thirty workers of the former Ansaldo Breda di Carini fully enter the Palermo headquarters of Leonardo-Finmeccanica’s Guadagna, one of the largest Italian companies operating in the defense, aerospace and security sectors. They are part of the group of fifty technicians and maintenance workers for which this step was planned in 2015.

For five years they will deal with the digitalization processes of all the Leonardo archives. The transition was defined during a meeting with the company requested by Fiom, Fim and Uilm, which was attended by the top management of Leonardo and Lgs (Leonardo global solutions), the group’s service provider. The workers will participate in a training course and from May they will be operational in the new role at the Palermo della Guadagna office.

After the failure of the sale of Ansaldo Breda to the Japanese of Hitachi, the agreement signed in 2015 at the Ministry of Economic Development with Finmeccanica, had provided for the transit of about a hundred workers of the former factory that produced railway carriages in RFI and Trenitalia. For another fifty workers, the passage to the other Finmeccanica sites in the Palermo area had been established and from 2015 to 2019 they had worked on an order for Leonardo, again in the field of information technology, which was then concluded.

“We have been asking for a follow-up to this agreement for some time and yesterday the process was completed. It is an extremely important result that, in addition to giving work continuity for the next 5 years to this other group of workers, allows the office to Palermo of Leonardo to become the central nucleus of digitization for all the group’s offices at national level “, declared Francesco Foti, for Fiom Cgil Palermo and Angelo Tornatore, Rsu Fiom for Leonardo.

This step completes the passage of all 50 workers. A year ago, the first 16 former employees of Ansaldo Breda had already been included in the workforce of Leonardo, with the task of monitoring and monitoring the company’s alarm systems throughout the territory. “We will also ask that the Palermo site be assigned new orders from state-controlled companies to increase employment levels and also align the Palermo site with the production levels of the other Italian plants – add Foti and Tornatore -. This center represents a reality. of niche for the Palermo area, also for the research work that takes place within it. A virtuous example of civil industry that with new production missions and greater workloads can determine important employment effects and the growth of the economic fabric of our city”.


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