Sales in March were good: + 15% on 2019. 2020 is not text – News

Sales in March were good: + 15% on 2019. 2020 is not text – News
Sales in March were good: + 15% on 2019. 2020 is not text – News

We are still in a critical period, as is well known, both from a health and an economic point of view. However, the motorcycle and scooter market is in better shape than a year ago.
We recall that due to the lockdown, which began on 11 March 2020, that month saw a -66% in new registrations, while the first quarter he accused one -25%.

“The comparison with last year is inevitably marred by the closure of the sales network imposed with the first lockdown – underlines the president of Confindustria Ancma Paolo Magri –. A more appropriate and indicative approach to the data of March 2019 (+ 14.9%) allows us to record that, despite the persistence of economic uncertainties, the market is reactive and that two-wheelers are confirmed as one of the most popular mobility solutions. “

So in March

A total of (mopeds + over 50cc) were sold in March 30,501 vehicles (+236,8%). The moped market alone totaled 1,517 vehicles sold, equal to + 186.2% on the same month of 2020.
Scooter e motorcycle record 16,539 respectively (+ 251, 2%) e 12.445 (+ 226%) registered vehicles.
From the comparison with the same month 2019 instead, an overall growth of 14,95%.

First quarter in profit

In the first three months of the year, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles show an overall increase of +42,3% equal to 64,498 vehicles sold.
In particular, mopeds reach 3,926 (-1.7%), the scooter 33.606 (+54,1%) and the motorcycle 26.966 (+38%). Compared to the first quarter of 2019 there is an overall increase in the market of 10%.

Electric up in March, down in 2021

The electric market closed the month of March with 890 vehicles sold, equal to a growth of 297.3%. However, the progressive yearly with 2,040 vehicles and a 10.1% drop.
Also in this area of ​​the market, the comparison with 2019 marks an overall growth of all segments equal to 156.9%

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