Motorcycles, buying advice: 5 new motorcycles of at least 500 cc and less than 190 kg – News

Motorcycles, buying advice: 5 new motorcycles of at least 500 cc and less than 190 kg – News
Motorcycles, buying advice: 5 new motorcycles of at least 500 cc and less than 190 kg – News

The matter is serious: Urbantucan he addresses us, through a comment at the bottom of the article on the hypothetical Kawasaki Z 250 RS, an appeal, “A desperate appeal”. Seriously, our reader – whom we thank for the idea – would like to find one in the price lists of the houses 500 what weight less than 180 kg, free power, to continue living the passion for motorcycles even when the age will no longer be that of a teenager. That’s what we’re here for, aren’t we?

Dear Urbantucan, the bikes you are looking for are already there, however before moving on to the review we would like to make one Premise perhaps useful to those who are not so experienced and who are perplexed when faced with motorcycles from the important masses. The weight of the bike certainly influences the dynamics of the bike (braking, reactivity, consumption, etc.) but the critical aspect is its positioning: there are many bikes over 260 kg that can be driven with ease, at least exceeded 25/30 km / h, thanks to adequate ergonomics and a cleverly arranged center of gravity. If the motorcycle is well designed (like the vast majority of modern motorcycles) the very high weight begins to be a problem only with the engine off, when maneuvering in tight spaces – perhaps in reverse -, when driving at low speed with frequent stop and go or when you have to get the bike up after a crash, all circumstances where a light bike helps a lot to get out of embarrassing situations or makes driving less demanding. The situation is different again for motorcycles that make sportiness and performance their workhorse: a weight reduction can increase driving pleasure and peak performance and the search for maximum lightness is certainly to be considered a cornerstone of the project. , at least in principle, and in these cases every kilo less – in general – is paid on the purchase price because it is obtained through precious materials and refined creations.

That said, less weight and accessible driving position they also result in a more relaxed mentally driving and we have selected 5 motorcycles of at least 500 cc with a declared weight not exceeding 186 kg, single and twin cylinders. It should be noted that the declared weight can be “dry”, “in running order” or “full tank”, with even significant percentage fluctuations between one detection mode and another, but certainly 180 kg dry does not become 235 kg in running order! We thus discover that an aggressive naked bike can be classified as an “accessible” bike in the same way as a fun single-cylinder scrambler and that following this principle we find prices ranging between 6,000 and over 11,000 euros; let’s see our protagonists in alphabetical order.

Aprilia Tuono 660

Naked da 95 cavalli, beautiful to drive on the street and on the track, the Aprilia Tuono 660 declares 183 in running order, a weight that does not worry and does its part in giving the Tuono a superfine dynamics. The engine also pushes from low revs, the driving position is comfortable and the equipment is first-rate: costs 10,550 euros f.c.

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Benelli Leoncino 500

The small scrambler of the Pesaro company has a two-cylinder in-line, water-cooled engine,with 48 hp and a torque of 45 Nm at 5,000 rpm, numbers suitable for those in possession of an A2 driving license. It weighs 186 kg, we are at the upper limits of what we have set ourselves, but the Benelli Leoncino 500 you really drive with your mind even at low speeds. It costs 5.990 euro f.c.

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Ducati Monster 937

The new – totally renewed – Ducati Monster 937 is a concentrate of sportsmanship and fun in solo 166 kg dry declared (which become 188 in running order)! It combines the front frame of the Panigale with the 937 cc Testastretta 11 ° e 111 cavalli, for a bike that is great for walking with ease but a blade if you decide to pick up the pace. Prices from 11.290 euro f.c.

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Fantic Motor Caballero 500

The only single cylinder in this review, the Fantic Motor Caballero 500 weighs only 150 kg for 41 horsepower, in the Euro 5 2021 version. The single cylinder is very regular at the bottom, the power is suited to the type of motorcycle and driving is easy and fun, even off-road. Prices range from € 6,600 for the Scrambler to the 7,200 euros of the Rally.

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Yamaha MT-07

Oddly, the only Japanese of the lot: the Yamaha MT-07 it is a 700 cc naked, just renewed, which weighs 184 kg in running order. Its in-line twin engine expresses 73,4 cavalli a 9.000 turns and the new handlebar, wider than the previous one, enhances the feeling of control of a stable and communicative bike. It costs 6,999 euros fc

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